Why Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot Should Be A Show Instead Of A Movie

Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, many Marvel fans were excited about the potential of a The Fantastic Four story set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This hope is reinforced by the memory of past unsuccessful attempts to The Fantastic Four movies. But maybe cinema isn’t the best way to tell the story of FF. Maybe Marvel Studios Creators Should Start Thinking Long-Term and long form.

There’s certainly merit to a movie based on Marvel’s founding family, especially after Fox twice failed to resonate with the team with audiences. A movie would have a wider reach, and a good adaptation would give the general public a glimpse of just how amazingly good the Fantastic Four characters are. But as recent Disney+ shows have proven, television can be an incredibly effective way to get audiences to care about the characters portrayed onscreen. Then maybe Marvel may take a different approach to what he has tried in the past.

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The Fantastic Four Aren’t Just Crime Fighters, They’re Scientists

Understanding why Fantastic Four would work better as a TV show would require a deeper understanding of the Four themselves. Unlike other Marvel characters, they are not strictly superheroes. Although they are always willing to help defend the world, that is not what they are dedicated to. They are above all scientists and explorers. The adventures they live are more like an episode of star trek than any Superman number.

Because they don’t often concern themselves with crime, the adventures of the Fantastic Four fit best into a long-form format. They are people who spend their lives traveling to other worlds, breaking down barriers to other dimensions, collecting knowledge and making discoveries in hopes of helping humanity. Often they only fight when directly threatened or when the planet itself is in danger. And when they’re not working, they use their celebrity status either to enjoy life or to raise awareness about the issues that matter to them.

Another reason the team might work better on a smaller screen has to do with one of their iconic names: Marvel’s First Family. In fact, The Fantastic Four could also be considered one of the first superhero families in comics. Since their creation in 1962, these four individuals have been linked by blood, marriage and friendship, which is one of their most attractive traits. Reed is husband/father, Sue is older sister/wife/mother, Johnny is younger brother and uncle, and Ben is both uncle and best friend. The quartet works well together, with Johnny and Ben providing one of the most iconic examples of bickering brothers in fiction. Like typical families, they often get on each other’s nerves, but they love each other. And while their relationship was never perfect, Reed and Sue have kept their marriage happy and healthy since the ’60s. These are the relationships that deserve more time to shine.

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Marvel’s First Family Needs The Depth Of Weekly Episodes

Not only would the closer relationships make it easier to appreciate the team, but it would also add more drama to the Four’s lives. For example, the Blue-Eyed Thing is the idol of millions, but he’s also a man struggling with the changes forced upon him after the crash in space. He is a man constantly judged by his rocky outward appearance, often treated as more of a monster than a man. His condition is also a huge source of guilt for Reed Richards, who has never stopped blaming himself for the accident that left his best friend as he is.

While this drama could certainly unfold as a two-hour movie, having more time to spend with all four members would help give the moments more power. Having more time to see Ben and Johnny play together would make their friendlier times even better. Seeing Reed do his best to make Sue happy and successful would be nicer. And seeing Johnny and Sue’s brother bicker only to reaffirm their love for each other would feel more deserved with more time to develop the relationship.

It should be noted that a Fantastic Four movie is slated for release in 2025. However, this movie will probably only be the origin of the team and the start of their journey. Marvel clearly wants to continue to focus on streaming, which is the ideal format for longer. The Fantastic Four stories. And for the fans who have been starving for good The Fantastic Four adaptations, a weekly series that explores the characters and their interactions would be greatly appreciated.

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