Which Halloween-themed movie character are you, according to your zodiac sign?


Thanks to its rich history and traditions, Halloween is a source of inspiration for horror films. They obviously correspond to the spooky season, but the Halloween holidays also appear in films outside of the horror genre, such as comedy and family fantasies.

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There are a number of prominent characters from the Halloween movies and scenes, whether they are supernatural beings or humans caught up on a Halloween adventure. Each character varies in personality and appearance, so there is one for each zodiac sign.

12 Aries: Angela Franklin (Night of the Demons)

Night of demons is a 1980s horror film that couldn’t be scarier. A group of teenagers have a Halloween party in an abandoned morgue that has a gruesome past, and to top it off, they summon a demon who owns the party’s host, Angela. While the film itself was not well received, Angela was a standout character and she is considered one of the best Gothic characters in the movies.

Whether possessed or not, Angela exhibits traits associated with the sign of Aries. Before the party, Angela was energetic but rather aggressive and talkative towards her peers. Angela is also assertive, more evident when possessed by demons.

11 Taurus: The Ghostly Trio (Casper)

Fatso, Stretch and Stinky in the movie Casper

Based on the Harvey comics, the ghost movie Casper is sort of a nostalgic gem of the ’90s, with the film’s final moments taking place at Kat’s high school Halloween party. Casper’s obnoxious uncles, Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky, known as the Ghostly Trio, provide much of the film’s comedic relief.

Casper’s uncles collectively represent the sign of Taurus by their stubbornness in having “flesh” in their home and their persistence as ghosts that have not crossed over. They also show that they love food, especially Fatso, which is also a characteristic associated with Taurus. Finally, Taureans are said to be possessive, and these three demonstrate this both over their house and by owning Kat’s father.

ten Gemini: Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

As the pumpkin king and head of the Halloween town festivities, Jack Skellington may be the the most emblematic Halloween movie character ever. Created by gothic director Tim Burton, the beloved Halloween movie The nightmare before Christmas focuses on Jack getting bored of Halloween and trying to take over from another party: Christmas.

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Gemini are known for their expressive nature, and Jack is a very expressive character, whether through his actions or his songs. He is also very curious and eager to make a difference, traits also both associated with Gemini.

9 Cancer: Hubie Dubois (Hubie Halloween)

Riding a bicycle chased by children in scream masks

Adam Sandler is best known for his critical comedies, but, for many, Halloween halloween turned out to be an unexpectedly fun watch. The movie is about Hubie, a Halloween fan and the town’s ridiculed misfit, who ends up having to save the town when things start to happen on the night of a particular Halloween.

People under the sign of Cancer are often kind and gentle, and, despite almost all of the residents making fun of him or undermining him, Hubie remains a kind and generous man. Yet ironically, although he adores Halloween, Hubie is somewhat of a spooky cat. It could also be a reflection of the soft, soft side of the Cancer sign.

8 Leo: Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

Winifred Sanderson (Bette Midler) - Hocus Pocus

from disney Hocus pocus is one of the most famous Halloween movies to date, and for good reason. The movie is brimming with Halloween spirit, and the Sanderson sisters, the three witches accidentally rescued to wreak havoc in the city, are utterly fun to watch. Like Winifred Sanderson, Hocus pocus turns out to be one of Bette Midler’s best movies on IMDb.

As the leader of the trio with her iconic ring of fiery red hair, Winifred can easily portray the Leo sign. She turns out to be very dramatic and theatrical, as evidenced by her music number at the Halloween party. She is also very sure of herself which is a hallmark of Leo.

7 Virgo: Michael Myers (Halloween)

Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise

The Halloween The franchise is one of the most notable horror film series in movie history, the series premiere featuring one of horror’s most notorious characters, Michael Myers. Summoning fear and dread without having to utter a single word, it’s fair to say that Michael Myers is one of the best silent characters to appear on screen to date.

Myers represents the sign of Virgo due to his methodical approach to hunting and killing his victims. Virgos are meant to be analytical and intelligent, and Myers is revealed to be just that, going so far as to vanish without a trace.

6 Libra: Sam (Trick R Treat)

Trick r Treat - Sat

Trick or treats is an underrated horror anthology film from 2007 that hosts a collection of spooky stories, all of which take place in a non-linear fashion on Halloween night in a fictional American town. While the characters and narratives overlap every now and then, the common element that unites all of these stories is the mysterious burlap-costumed tour or caterer, Sam.

Libra is the sign of justice, and Sam executes justice in an unusual and sinister way. He enforces Halloween “rules”, such as giving candy to deceivers or healers, and will punish those who go against them. Since this is a horror film, these punishments are undoubtedly brutal. Sam is also merciful to those who honor Halloween or show signs of redemption.

5 Scorpio: Regina George dressed as a bunny (Mean Girls)

Aaron and Regina in Mean Girls

Not all Halloween villains are physical monsters, and Regina George proves it. North Shore High School’s Queen Bee in Cult Teen Tube Bad girls, Regina may seem like the perfect girl, but she’s actually very double-handed and manipulative.

Being resourceful and possessive, Regina is revealed to be a Scorpio throughout the film, but it’s the Halloween party scene that really shows it. When she learns that her ex-boyfriend Aaron invited Cady to the party, Regina quickly makes up stories about her to dissuade Aaron, and she seals the deal by kissing Aaron in front of the distraught Cady.

4 Sagittarius: Sam (A Cinderella Story)

Sam (Hilary Duff) in A Cinderella Story

While not exactly a critically acclaimed success, A Cinderella Story remains a beloved film among many for its nostalgia for the 2000s and the gruesome but entertaining portrayal of Jennifer Coolidge as the evil stepmom. The key fairytale scene, the royal ball, takes the form of a high school Halloween party in which the story’s Cinderella, Sam, shows up wearing a cute ball gown and mask ornate.

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Sam doesn’t let anyone put her down, whether it’s her terrible in-laws or the school cheerleaders, and will stop at nothing to make her dream of going to Princeton come true. His honesty, independence, and enthusiasm reflect the qualities most associated with Sagittarius.

3 Capricorn: The Headless Horseman (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

One of the most famous Halloween stories is The legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, and The Tim Burton adaptation is a Gothic masterpiece, although the Disney version perhaps captures the spirit of Halloween the most. This vengeful ghost is certainly a suitable Disney character for living in Halloween Town.

Supposedly, Capricorns are focused and tenacious individuals, and that cannot be more apparent than the restless mind of the Headless Horseman as he searches for his head – or any head, for that matter.

2 Aquarius: Aggie Cromwell (Halloweentown)

Disney channel movie Halloween town is a classic Halloween movie aimed at kids. Full of magic and ghosts, the story centers on teenage Marnie as she learns she’s a half-witch, and her witchy grandmother Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds) wants to train her. to become a witch before she is thirteen.

The witch Aggie is a woman with a big heart, which is often known as Aquarius. But, Aquarians are best known for their originality and independence, and Agatha really sums up her iconic quote: “Being normal is vastly overrated.”

1 Pisces: Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Redhead ragdoll Sally is the adorable heroine of The nightmare before Christmas. Worshiping Jack from afar while constantly escaping the clutches of her villainous creator, Sally is the most rational resident of Halloween Town, and she tries to put an end to Jack’s plans to take over Christmas.

Sally worries about Jack’s Christmas plans to begin with, but a premonition reinforces those doubts. This demonstrates intuition, a quality most associated with people born under the sign of Pisces. Plus, Pisces are meant to be likable, and Sally demonstrates this very clearly to her beloved Pumpkin King.

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