Werewolf By Night Cast & Character Guide

Several new characters are joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of the talented night werewolf cast. The MCU’s Phase 4 spent a lot of time introducing new characters who immediately become important parts of the larger franchise. After giving Shang-Chi and the Eternals solo movies and Disney+ solo shows Moon Knight and She-Hulk, Marvel Studios is coming back with its first Disney+ Special. Developed by composer and director Michael Giacchino, night werewolf is a foray into the supernatural and horrifying world of Marvel.


Doctor Strange and Moon Knight helped introduce the supernatural side of the MCU, but night werewolf is entirely located in this area. The special is almost entirely black and white to mimic the 1930s and 1940s horror movies that inspired it. The story revolves around a group of skilled hunters who descend on the Bloodstone Mansion to hunt a powerful creature and earn the legendary Bloodstone. It is through this journey that night werewolfNew characters are taking center stage and bringing great actors to the MCU.

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Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night

Gaël García Bernal leads night werewolfas Jack Russell, also known as the Night Werewolf. The character debuted in Marvel Comics in 1972 Marvel Spotlight #2 and is one of Marvel’s most important supernatural characters. The version of Jack Russell in night werewolf that Gael García Bernal plays is a kind man with a dark secret who becomes a raging beast during full moons. Viewers may have recognized Gael García Bernal from several of his most notable projects, including Y tu mamá también, Mozart in the Jungleand M.Night Shyamalan old. He also voiced Héctor in Pixar coconut.

Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone

Laura Donnelly is a key part of the cast as another new night werewolf character from Elsa Bloodstone. She debuted in Marvel Comics in 2001 Bloodstone #1 and is considered one of Marvel’s best vampire hunters. Elsa Bloodstone in night werewolf returns to his family’s estate to retrieve the Bloodstone after his father’s death. Viewers will likely recognize Laura Donnelly for her roles as Jenny Fraser in Foreign and Amalia True in Nevers.

Harriet Sandom Harris as Verussa

night werewolfThe cast of also includes Harriet Sandom Harris as Verussa Bloodstone. She helped form Elsa as a child and is an original character created for the MCU. Verussa Bloodstone is the leader of the monster-hunting cult that organizes the event. Harriet Snadom Harris joins night werewolfafter memorable performances as Ellen Buckman in Addams Family ValuesBaby Glazer in fraserFelicia Tilman in Desperate Housewivesand an Emmy-nominated role in hacks season 2.

Werewolf By Night Cast and Supporting Characters

Kirk R. Thatcher as Jovan: A hunter with 57 confirmed kills and a big battle axe, Jovan is played by Star Trek: Picardis Kirk R. Thatcher.

Eugenie Bondurant as Azarel: An all-white hunter with 37 confirmed kills, Azarel is played by The conjuration: the devil made me do itby Eugenie Bondurant.

Leonardo Nam as Lionn: night werewolfThe cast of includes Westworld actor Leonardo Nam as Liorn, a black-faced hunter with 43 confirmed kills.

Daniel J. Watts as Barasso: The hunter with a scar on his head and 26 confirmed kills, The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselDaniel J. Watts plays Barasso.

Al Hamacher as Billy Swan: Bloodstone’s minion, Billy Swan, is played by Cobra Kaiit’s Al Hamacher.

Carey Jones and Jeffrey Ford as the Man-Thing: After playing Black Krrsantan in Boba Fett’s BookCarey Jones plays Man-Thing in night werewolfis the cast. The special’s editor, Jeffrey Ford, provides additional vocalizations.

Rick Wasserman as Narrator: Prolific voice actor Rick Wasserman who voiced Thor in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes narrates the opening of the MCU Special.

Richard Dixon as Ulysses Bloodstone: Taboo actor Richard Dixon plays Ulysses Bloodstone in night werewolfis the cast.

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