WATCH: Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Talks B&B Crossover, Working With Natalie Morales (VIDEO)

Prior to the September 20 crossing between Love glory and beauty and The young and the restless, Y&R star MElodie Thomas Scott (Nikki) jumped by The speech September 16. The Legend of the Day opened up about her years as Nikki and teased what was to come.

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Sheryl Underwood noted that Nikki has had a lot of drama in her life, but she has yet to appear on Guest rooms…so far. How much fun will Nikki have in LA? MTS said:

Well, I can’t tell you right now. You have to watch, Sheryl!

When asked if Nikki would slap someone, the actress replied:

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Uh, no comment.

Co-host Nathalie Morales is currently a guest on Y&R as journalist Talia Morgan. Of working with Morales, Thomas Scott shared that she is a longtime fan of her work and added:

And so when they told me, ‘Natalie is going to come work with you,’ I said, ‘What?’ I exploded; I was such a fan. I think I was the same the first day I met you too. But it was wonderful. She plays an investigative reporter because I try to smear Diane Jenkins [Susan Walters] and her character lives in Los Angeles and so slowly but surely over the various episodes, I think I’ve hooked her now. And you want to uncover dirt as hard as I do.

Morales also announced that throughout the season, The speech will share his favorite soap clips in a series called “Sneak Peek of the Week.” The first episode featured a glimpse of what was to come between Nikki and Deacon (Sean Kanan) on Y&R September 20; then Nikki will appear on Guest rooms September 26.

Peep excerpts from the interview below.

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