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The second season of the television series “The College Tour”, which will be released in November on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and other streaming platforms, includes a 30-minute episode entirely devoted to UC Davis.

Series co-creator and host Alex Boylan, who won CBS’s “Amazing Run” in 2002, designed the show as a way for prospective students to visit campuses during the pandemic. The series premiered in November 2020. In its first season, it featured episodes on Arizona State University, University of Connecticut, and six other universities.

UC Davis Enrollment Management, which oversees undergraduate admissions, donated $ 68,000 to Boylan’s company, DreamJobbing, to have UC Davis included in the second season of the series, which features nine different campuses. UC Davis is the first college in California to appear in the series.

The deal with DreamJobbing includes video filming, editing and post-production services and allows UC Davis to share the episode through its own communications platforms and retain the rights to all video footage for other uses. . It also guarantees distribution for two years on multiple streaming platforms.

According to Jasmin Francis-Bush, director of brand management and marketing for UC Davis, the show’s delivery platforms have a reach of 268 million homes. “We think this is a great opportunity to open our doors and give prospective students the opportunity to see what our undergraduate experience looks like,” Francis-Bush told UC Davis Magazine. “This has the potential to be our biggest reach. “

The UC Davis episode of “The College Tour” is hosted by an upbeat Boylan and stars Chancellor Gary S. May, nine undergraduates and a former student. Each person discusses a different aspect of the campus experience, ranging from research to athletics to life after graduation.

Shot with high production values, the episode includes footage of drones sweeping across the campus and the city. Although it is aimed at a national audience, there are many sites that locals will recognize: the Farmers Market, Unitrans double-decker buses, many bicycles, and downtown businesses like Thai Nakorn and others. restaurants.

Overall, the episode portrays campus culture as inclusive, original, and academically rigorous – with a touch of self-mockery. “Our icon is not a bell tower or an Eiffel Tower but a water tower,” said Chancellor May. “We take our academics seriously at UC Davis, but we’re not afraid to be eccentric, make others smile and help when needed. “

Through the lens of nine different students, viewers take a tour through the campus which includes UC Davis Health Stadium, the stable, the greenhouse atop the science lab building, George Hart Hall, the arboretum, the student farm, the student community center and other campus locations and resources.

Kyla Kessler, co-captain of the UC Davis women’s gymnastics team, explains how her recovery from injury prompted her to pursue a career in physiotherapy. “My career choice was primarily driven by the education I received at UC Davis,” Kessler said. “Everyone on campus wants our athletes to be successful both academically and athletically. (We also see Kessler doing backflips on Aggie’s football field.)

Later in the episode, Karyn Utsami, a major in environmental science and management, discusses her work at the arboretum and student farm. “We are extremely proud to prioritize the conservation of natural resources and energy, reduce our use of fossil fuels, turn to renewable energy sources and our ambitious zero waste goals,” said Utsami. “I feel at home at UC Davis because I am surrounded by people who care deeply about the environment and are implementing changes in the real world.”

The episode also highlights UC Davis’ response to the pandemic, which is explained by Genetics and Genomics Major Jeremy Brown. “The Genome Center played a major role in the development of the rapid saliva-based COVID-19 test that is now widely used by students and staff,” Brown said. “I get tested twice a week now and it has played a major role in preventing the spread of COVID here in Davis. “

Karina Talamantes, a 2011 UC Davis alumnus, shares how she struggled academically early in her time at UC Davis, but persevered and found support on campus. In the end, she said, her time at UC Davis “completely extended. [her] horizons. In 2018, Talamantes was elected a director of the Sacramento Board of Education. Today, she is the Chief of Staff for the City of Sacramento.

UC Davis invites students as well as members of the community to view the episode at a watch the party Sunday September 26 at 4 p.m. For those who can’t make it, the second season of “The College Tour” is slated to hit streaming platforms in November. The episodes, including the one with UC Davis, can already be consulted free of charge on the site “The College Tour”.

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