TV series that survived cancellation


Fans, streamers, rival networks and even Subway have stepped in to save these endangered shows.

For most of television history, once a show was canceled, it was canceled. The advent of the internet, however, has given fans a platform to express their support, as well as a way to organize themselves. This led to a first round of cancellations, if you were, where the shows simply jumped from one network to another. As streaming began to catch up with cable, threatened properties found new lifelines, like Hulu and Netflix. Some of them were acquired by streamers or rivals almost immediately, while others languished for years before being given new life. These seven shows had a dedicated, vocal following who made their love for their favorites known – and it helped bring them back.

7 Manifesto

Manifesto premiered in fall 2018 on NBC with a premise that seemed on par with Lost. In the supernatural drama, a plane full of passengers traveling from Jamaica to New York City encounters severe turbulence, but ends up landing safely. However, once they land, they find that – like a blip – they’ve actually been gone for over five years, and the world wrote them all off as dead. Since the lives of their friends, family and colleagues have passed without them, they cannot so easily reintegrate into society. As Lost, Manifesto also uses the stories of its characters as a plot device. The show’s creators originally planned for six seasons, but NBC unexpectedly canceled the show after Year 3, which ended on a cliffhanger no less! Netflix rushed to deliver Manifesto a fourth but final season, the premiere date of which has yet to be announced.

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6 Mandrel

Chuck was a 2007 action comedy about an unpretentious computer nerd who, after being kicked out of college for cheating, ends up working for the CIA and NSA. The Fish Out of Water series elevated Zachary Levi’s status and found a dedicated fan base, but Mandrel had a lot of things against. The writers’ strike hampered its first season, and the show aired against fierce competition in Dancing with the stars and how I Met Your Mother. The series was frequently “on the bubble” and was due to be canceled after Season 2, but fans rallied. Mandrel won E! The online “Save One Show” contest and viewers flocked to Subway (one of the series sponsors) to show their support. In the end, it lasted five seasons.

5 family guy

Seth MacFarland’s scorching animated family comedy was a modest but controversial success for Fox in 1999. The Griffins’ antics mocked pop culture and pushed the boundaries of good taste, but its ratings declined when it was first released. been programmed against Frasier and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Fox said he was stopping family guy after his second season, but still went ahead with a shortened third season. When the series hit Cartoon Network Adult swimming and DVD shelves at the same time, it became a big enough phenomenon that Fox turned the tide and ordered 35 more episodes. It has remained on the air ever since, premiering its 21st season in September.

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4 Futurama

Matt Groening’s follow-up to The simpsons ran for 82 episodes on Fox. The animated sci-fi comedy followed the adventures of Fry, a pizza delivery boy who is cryogenized and awakens in the future a millennium later. Futurama is full of memorable moments and jokes inside, many of which border on the adult audience side, despite their cheerful stupidity. This made it a perfect fit for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Block. It was never officially canceled by Fox; these are episodes that aired sporadically until they weren’t. But it remained a part of geek culture, and Comedy Central eventually picked up the show and made 52 more installments.

3 Community

Community patch chaos theory episode.

from the community fans wanted six seasons and a movie. The meta-comedy about a group of mismatched study partners at a community college was never one of NBC’s top-rated shows, but her cult kept her safe for a while at The Peacock. The show used its slim vanity as a vehicle to make pop culture references on everything from Die hard to the Rankin / Bass Christmas specials, but he’s had to deal with some backstage drama. Creator Dan Harmon was fired and then returned, and star Chevy Chase left midway through Season 4. When NBC canned Community After season 5 (the gas leak season), Yahoo (partially) made fans’ dreams come true and renewed the series for a sixth and final 13-episode season. There is no movie in the works, but most of the original cast have expressed interest.

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2 Development stopped

Development stopped was one of Fox’s most critically acclaimed series, with several Emmy wins to its name. The dry-witted comedy about a dysfunctional family losing their fortunes is a precursor to shows like Schitt Creek, although the Bluths are not always as lovable as the Roses. Straight man Michael tried for three seasons to keep the rest of his absurd family in check, but good grades never materialized despite good reviews. Fox disconnected in 2006. There were rumors that a premium network, like Showtime, could come to its rescue, but Development stopped was, well, stopped in development until Netflix acquired the series and produced seasons 4 and 5.

1 Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake Finale 3

Michael Schur is a sure bet when it comes to serious and heartwarming half-hour comedies. His credo of Office and Parks and recreation led Fox to take his chances on what seemed like a terrible idea: a police procedure that doubled as a wacky comedy. Great casting and catchy writing kind of made it all work… for five seasons. Although Brooklyn nine-nine was embraced by critics and fans alike, a drop in viewing spooked Fox, who canceled it in 2018. It only took a few hours for NBC to come to the show’s rescue. Its eighth and final season has just ended.

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