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The villains and heroes of the Harry potter series have many powers and abilities due to their magical powers, and that magic gives them all kinds of strengths that muggles don’t have. Whether it’s using Expelliarmus to disarm opponents or having a knack for talking to snakes, all kinds of abilities exist in the wizarding world. However, all of the main characters also have their weaknesses.

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Some of these weaknesses are pretty straightforward, such as Ron not being the most studious character, while others are weird or even don’t make sense. Some of these weaknesses are plot holes while others relate to innate insecurities or a lack of magical skills.

9 James and Lily: Don’t Become Their Own Secret Keepers

Geraldine Somerville as Lily Potter and Adrian Rawlins as James Potter

This weakness might actually boil down to a plot hole, but it ends up being their downfall and leading to their death. When the Potters went into hiding using Fidelius’ charm, they were going to make Sirius their secret dungeon but ended up using Pettigrew. However, as fans learn later in the series when Arthur becomes the Secret Guardian of the Burrow, the Potters could have done it on their own and wouldn’t have had to worry about anyone betraying them.

It could have been a mistake on JK Rowling’s part when writing the series, but it makes the Potters seem less knowledgeable about the spell. Considering that they also told Dumbledore about it, using Pettigrew in place of themselves is a pretty weird and ultimately deadly decision.

8 Sirius Black: his hatred of Kreacher

Kreacher Harry Potter

Hatred and love are powerful forces and central themes of the series, and it is Harry’s ability to love that gives him an advantage over Voldemort. However, even some of the heroic characters have hatreds that eventually weaken them. Sirius placed all of his animosity towards his family on Kreacher, even though Kreacher was basically a victim himself. It also doesn’t make sense given that Sirius spoke about Barty Crouch Jr.’s mistreatment of Winky, but he couldn’t apply the same logic to himself. And of course, that led to Kreacher complicating the night of Sirius’ death, and even causing Harry to go to the Ministry to try and save him.

7 Fred and George: Give the Marauder’s Card

Fred and George give Harry Potter the Marauder's Map

Fred and George’s weird weakness also boils down to what might be considered a conspiracy or contrivance, but it’s rather interesting to think about it. Fred and George steal the Marauder’s Map from Filch’s office and use it to prank and make their way through the castle without getting caught. Yet although they know how such a precious resource it is, they give it to Harry and act like they can function without it. Their reasoning was that he needed it more than they did, and they claimed to have memorized it already.

This was clearly done as a way in the plot to give Harry this powerful artifact, but it just doesn’t make logical sense. Even if they knew the secret passages, the map allows the user to see when other people are around, and this is its most useful feature. While we don’t see directly in the text how it impacted their lives without it, it would have made it much harder to sneak around, especially Hogsmeade.

6 Voldemort: A surprising lack of magical knowledge

Lord Voldemort and Wormtail in Harry Potter

Voldemort is said to be the most powerful and terrifying evil wizard, even more so than Grindelwald, but he appears to be lacking in some key areas of his magical education. Dumbledore is supposed to be almost his equal, but Dumbledore understands much more the magic of sacrificing his life for someone or saving someone’s life.

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Voldemort doesn’t anticipate the impact of Lily’s sacrifice on Harry, and he doesn’t seem to know anything about Priori Incantatem either. For someone who is supposed to know so much about magic, their pride is embarrassing.

5 Dumbledore: leaving memories open in his office

A lot of things Dumbledore does are a mystery to both the other characters and the fans. It’s hard to say for sure if he’s making mistakes or doing things on purpose. An example of this is when he leaves the Pensieve cabinet when Harry is in his office at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This allows Harry to learn information he might not have known about, such as the truth about Barty Crouch.

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Even if he had done it on purpose, the way Dumbledore manipulated others and was never candid about what he knew or suspected was definitely one of his main character flaws. He continually lied and obscured the information. But, it still seemed like a strange choice to leave the thought open like that. Harry could easily have accessed much more personal memories that Dumbledore wouldn’t want him to, but maybe Dumbledore’s need to manipulate got the better of it.

4 Ron Weasley: Not Knowing Basic Magic

Ron Weasley in

Since Ron was the only one of the trio who grew up in the wizarding world, he would likely have seen many basic daily spells being used around him all the time. Spells like Alohomora seem rather simple and common, but Ron didn’t even know what it was like when he went to Hogwarts.

His lack of knowledge of magic, while sometimes having a deep knowledge of magic culture, does not always match. It’s a strange combination, and it seemed more like a device to make Ron appear less intelligent and less skilled at spells than the other two members of the trio.

3 Hermione Granger: Extreme fear of a bad grade

Hermione is clearly a perfectionist, and that can be a strength at times but also a weakness. However, it’s not really weird. What is rather surprising, however, is how unable she is to manage anything less than a perfect grade. She is so afraid of this that her Boggart in the books gets a failing grade. And, she is so upset by this manifestation of Boggart that she ends up having poor results on the practical exam in Lupin’s class. Given how smart she is, it seems odd that she falls into the trap.

2 Harry Potter: He’s really bad at fortune telling

Harry Potter Occlumency

Harry has many weird weaknesses that affect him along the way, and they often have to do more with his emotions than anything else. However, one of the weirdest is how bad he was at fortune telling. While the whole class is and Trewlaney herself turns out to be a fraud, it doesn’t feel quite right. Harry is someone who often uses his intuition and even his dreams to figure out what is going on around him.

And, given his soul connection to Voldemort because of the Horcruxes, he’s a wizard who has many weird effects of magic constantly working on him. Yet despite being open to some of the strangest things in the wizarding world, he’s almost as close to divination as Hermione.

1 The trio: not knowing how to cook

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the trio are not very experienced in using magic to provide for their basic needs. Hermione saves the day by being the one to anticipate and bring items like the tent, but even she doesn’t seem to really know how to use magic on food. According to the law of Gamp and Hermione, you can make food by increasing the quantity. Yet even after stealing food from grocery stores, they soon seem to run out of it. It doesn’t make sense that they couldn’t just reproduce it.

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