The Original Clone Wars Characters, Ranked

Star Wars: The Clone Wars quickly evolved from an anthology-style series to an incredibly compelling war drama that greatly enhanced the prequels. In particular, the story evolved to be character-driven, giving existing characters greater depth and creating new characters to help push things along.

Related: Star Wars: 7 Clones Who Remained Loyal After Order 66 But those original characters were far from mere storylines for characters like Anakin Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi, and some of the show’s best arcs and episodes revolve around those characters. Many have become incredibly influential in the franchise, and several of these fan favorites have appeared in other animated, written, and live-action projects.

10/10 Pong Krell was a devil in disguise

Pong Krell was the twisted villain of the Umbaran arc of the Clone Wars’ fourth season and took over the 501st Legion after Anakin was fired by Palpatine. At first, he just seemed like an insensitive and ineffective general. But he later revealed that he was intentionally sabotaging the Republic campaign. Related: 10 Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes, According To IMDB

Krell had a vision of the fate of the Jedi and intended to join Count Dooku to ensure his survival. Ultimately, his disdain for the skill and individuality of clones was his undoing. Their creativity allowed them to defeat him, with Dogma, a clone largely loyal to him, executing him for his betrayal. His insistence that clones were no different than identical, dispensable battle droids created an arc that showed just how unique they were.

9/10 The son is the dark side personified

The Son was a god of Mortis, a living embodiment of the dark side alongside his sister embodying the light and their father the balance between them. When Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka were transported to Mortis, the Father wanted Anakin to replace him, preserving the balance between light and dark. However, the Son twisted Anakin to his side giving him the knowledge of his future.

The Son is incredibly intriguing due to how he parallels Anakin, foreshadowing how his downfall was caused by his attachments. When his sister sacrifices herself to stop him from killing their father, he reacts with grief. Ultimately, the only way the darkness within him is overcome is through the sacrifice of the Father, and the Son is reconciled to him before he dies. The Mortis and the Son Arc in particular is an amazing distillation of Anakin’s entire story.

8/10 Fives might be the most honorable and tragic clone trooper

In the fifth episode of clone wars, a clone named Fives was introduced as the survivor of an attack on an outpost near Kamino. He became one of the most notable clones in the series, displaying tactical ingenuity and surviving countless battles. But he is best remembered for his incredible arc in the sixth season.Related: 10 Ways Obi-Wan Kenobi Influenced Star Wars In the Inhibitor Chip arc, Fives discovers that each clone has a chip implanted in their brain to control their actions. When a clone’s chip malfunctions and he murders a Jedi, Fives deletes his. After trying to report the plot to the Chancellor, he realizes that Palpatine was behind it all. Acting erratically, he seemingly proves the necessity of the inhibitor chips, and his tragic death foreshadows Order 66, pointing out that the Jedi and clones fell victim to Palpatine.

7/10 Simply calling Duchess Satine Kryze “Obi-Wan’s girlfriend” does him a disservice

Duchess Satine of Mandalore was introduced in The Clone Wars Season 2, both love and foil for Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan’s relationship with Satine gave his character much greater depth and contrasted Anakin and Padmé’s relationship. But Satine was much more than a prop in Obi-Wan’s character development. His legacy still looms large in star warsespecially in The Mandalorian and its partner shows.

As a pacifist leader of an ancient warrior culture, Satine represented the possibility of positive change. Leading a coalition of hundreds of neutral worlds made her a threat to Palpatine’s plans, and he backed the Mandalorian Deathwatch against her. The changes she made to Mandalore reflected what the Jedi and the Republic could become if they realized the error of their ways. His death not only affected Obi-Wan, it symbolized the failure of peace and change for the galaxy.

6/10 Savage Oppress is an amazing character, but he can never escape his brother’s shadow

Savage Oppress was Darth Maul’s brother, originally introduced as a noble protector of his family. However, he was turned by the Nightsisters into a brutal and ruthless killer in the name of Count Dooku. But it was his lineage that gave him the biggest impact, as Savage’s training heralded Maul’s return.

In Savage’s original arc, he was just a tool of Ventress’ revenge against Dooku. Although he ultimately rejects them both, he is ultimately inseparable and controlled by his connection to Maul. He is largely remembered for being Maul’s brother and for his arcs with Maul. Ultimately, it was Maul’s arrogance that would result in Savage’s death at the hands of Darth Sidious.

5/10 Saw Gerrara was a war-hardened freedom fighter

Unlike some other characters, Saw Gerrara maintained a clear character arc across multiple mediums. Originally introduced in the Onderon arc of The Clone Wars Season five Saw was characterized as a passionate and skilled but headstrong freedom fighter. After losing his sister during the Separatist occupation of his home, Saw never gave up the fight and continued to wage war against the Empire.

Saw has gotten colder over the years. His appearances in Jedi: Fallen Order, star wars rebelsand A thug showed that, unlike the wider Rebel Alliance, he did not fight for the inhabitants of the galaxy, only against the Empire. He didn’t care about collateral damage on Jedha. Gerrera’s radical ideas were further developed when he appeared on Andorplayed again by Forest Whitaker.

4/10 Hondo Ohnaka feels profit

Hondo Ohnaka was the clone wars answer to Han Solo, a dirty thug who also had a sense of honor and duty. He was likable not just because of his humorous lines and plot lines, but because he was a skilled and skilled pirate and leader. Even when matching wits and weapons with Obi-Wan and Anakin or Count Dooku and General Grievous, Hondo still outmaneuvered them multiple times and always managed to get away.

He was also a secondary father figure to a young Boba Fett, convincing him that his father wouldn’t want revenge at the cost of honor. It’s no surprise that even several galactic wars weren’t enough to stop Hondo from being a successful pirate, as he later featured in star wars rebels and can be seen making a profit at The edge of the galaxy.

3/10 Need a dirty job? Call Cad Bane

With Jango Fett dead and Boba still a child, The Clone Wars created Cad Bane to be his deadly bounty hunter. Bane was skilled enough to break into the Jedi Temple almost single-handedly and fought the Jedi Masters multiple times. Whenever the Separatists had a seemingly impossible job, Cad Bane was there to do it for a hefty price.

Related: 10 Actors Who Voice The Most Characters In Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cad Bane was also a rival of Boba Fett. An unfinished episode of The Clone Wars featured a duel that resulted in the death of Fett Bane, with Bane leaving the iconic dent in Fett’s helmet. That changed with his appearance in The bad lot, where he is still alive after the end of the war, although the metal plate on his head suggests that the duel still took place. But the two had their showdown, with Fett killing Bane at the end of Boba Fett’s Book.

2/10 Captain Rex is the series’ most iconic clone

It is not surprising that a series called The Clone Wars had a lot of great clone characters, but Captain Rex tops them all. He stands out not only for his combat abilities or leadership, but also for his moral depth and agency in an army of identical soldiers.

Through The Clone Wars, Rex grows not just as a soldier but as a person, eventually realizing that he and his brothers are just that: people. They’re not stupid droids, they have a choice and a future. This is what allows him to fight against Order 66 and become everyone’s most beloved clone. star wars.

1/10 Ahsoka Tano is everything Anakin could have been

Ahsoka Tano grew alongside the show and its viewers, transforming from an arrogant and reckless Padawan to a wise and capable Jedi just like her master. But unlike her master, she was able to overcome her flaws, managing her attachments to stay true to the light.

Ahsoka was defined by her relationship with Anakin, she was so close he briefly broke through when they reunited after his transformation into Darth Vader. She’s a loving Jedi, but unlike Anakin, she doesn’t let it control her, guided by compassion for all, rather than one.

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