The most controversial episodes of beloved TV shows

Just as it’s rare for every track on an album to be a classic or every book in a series to be a literary masterpiece, it’s rare for every episode of a television series to be a knockout. Even the greatest TV shows ever made have failed with a few weak installments. Seinfeld to “The dog”, stranger things a “The Lost Sister” and Lost, Dexterand how I Met Your Mother all resulted in series finales that disappointed many longtime fans. From the time family guy killed Brian at the time breaking Bad devoted an entire hour to a housefly, many beloved TV shows have polarizing episodes.


Brian's death in Family Guy

The writers of family guy aren’t overly concerned with plot or character development. They’ll see one of the Griffins act out of character, do something weird like go into space, or even die horribly if it serves one of the show’s signature cutaway gags. And it made things even weirder when the producers chose to kill the family’s fan-favorite talking dog, Brian. In season 12’s “Life of Brian,” after a time travel adventure gone wrong prompts Stewie to destroy his time machine, a reckless driver runs over Brian during a hockey game. street and there is no hope of saving him.

Brian ended up returning a few episodes later when Stewie clashed with his time-traveling self, but the writers committed to a heartbreaking and seemingly permanent death for the beloved character – which, understandably, infuriated much of the fan base.

Daenerys with a sword in Game of Thrones

For its first six seasons, game of thrones has been widely praised for bring adult themes and storylines into an immersive fantasy setting. But when the writers ran out of densely packed novels to adapt and had to rely on worn story outlines, they began skimming through plot points without taking the time to flesh them out. Season 7 was an ominous warning sign, but the show really went off the rails in his eighth and final year.

Season 8 began to descend with the longest episode of the entire series, “The Long Night”, devoted entirely to the climactic battle between the combined forces of the living and the army of the dead. Not only does the episode undermine the threat of the White Walkers after years of building; its too dim lighting makes everything difficult to see.

Armin Tamzarian steals Seymour Skinner's identity from The Simpsons

The moment when The simpsons‘ the golden age ended and the show jumped the shark can be identified with the Season 9 episode “The Principal and the Pauper”, in which the residents of Springfield learn that Seymour Skinner has stolen his identity. The man who ran Springfield Elementary all these years is actually Armin Tamzarian, a James Dean-esque thug who took on his identity after the real Skinner was presumed dead in Vietnam. This episode was a complete betrayal of loyal fans who had spent nearly a decade of their lives endearing themselves to the narrow-featured schoolmaster.

In an interview with the East Bay Express, Skinner’s voice actor, Harry Shearer said that after reading the script, he told the producers, “This is so wrong. You’re taking something that an audience has built eight or nine years of investment in and throwing it in the trash for no good reason, for a story we’ve already done with other characters. It’s so arbitrary and gratuitous, and it’s disrespectful to the public. Skinner is one of the series’ most beloved secondary charactersso fans were angry when the writers retconned it into a fraud.

A fly on a red light in Breaking Bad

When breaking Bad First aired, it was hailed as the pinnacle of the so-called golden age of television. In a medium that typically tries to maintain the status quo to keep wringing out episode after episode of its cast of characters, Vince Gilligan set out to chart one man’s transformation from a mild-mannered chemistry professor to a monstrous kingpin of methamphetamine. The near-perfect series followed this downfall from its masterfully crafted pilot episode to its supremely satisfying finale. From “4 Days Out” to “Crawl Space”, the list of great breaking Bad episodes is practically endless. But one controversial episode continues to divide fans to this day.

Right in the middle of Season 3, the show’s most action-packed chapter to date, the ongoing story arcs came to a halt as the writers devoted an entire hour-long episode to the desperate efforts. of Walt and Jesse to kill a housefly that makes its way into their meth lab. It’s a stand-alone tale strongly driven by the series’ central relationship, and the pesky fly offers a poignant symbol of Walt’s guilt, but there’s no denying that this cost-cutting bottle episode only exists as filler for complete the season.

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