The classic TV series is back with a new perspective


This new series stars Elisha Williams as Dean Williams and is set in the same time frame as the original series. Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) hasn’t had an easy life with an ass big brother and the most angsty crush on his best friend who ever happened to be a teenager, but Dean Williams will surely have more to deal with. .

The late 1960s were a time of change for everyone, but especially for people of color. This show takes place just a few years after the Civil Rights Act was passed, and the outlook for a black family around this time will certainly be different from that of a white family.

It seems like this new “Wonder Years” hits some familiar notes, though, and I’m not just talking about the title song. Poor Dean also hurts for a girl in his neighborhood, and if they play that even half as well as the original series, there will be a whole new generation madly in love with a fictional character. There is not a person born between 1976 and 1986 who is not still, to some extent, in love with Winnie Cooper. I firmly believe it.

The “Wonder Years” update also seems to be tackling much more difficult material, but done in the good, healthy tone that permeated the original series, at least if the trailer is any indication of that. He certainly has a great pedigree behind him.

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