The 10 Coolest Spy X Family Characters, Ranked

Spy x Family is one of the hottest shonen anime series around, and it returns in October for another action-packed season of Cold War-inspired adventures and wholesome family moments. It is the story of spy Westalis Twilight, the mysterious man who must uncover the precious secrets of the government of Ostania with the help of his newfound family – his new wife, Yor, and his new daughter, Anya.

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It’s one of the coolest and most memorable anime series to come out in years, and fans just can’t get enough of this slick story and cool characters. In fact, while fans might debate who’s better Spy x Family Overall, it’s easy to see which characters from this series are the coolest and why fans love them so much.

ten Damian Desmond is under pressure to succeed

So far bratty tsundere Damian Desmond isn’t very cool, but at least the “boss man” is trying. This young boy can be a jerk at times, but ultimately, he’s a likeable figure. His distant and demanding father, Donovan, is hard to please and expects perfection from his son.

Damian tries to act cool, at least, and his two buddies think he’s totally rad. Damian projects an air of smug confidence wherever he goes, but he tends to crumble when pink-haired Anya Forger teases him or blasts him with “heh”.

9 Becky Blackbell is Anya’s supporter and friend.

There’s a limit to how cool a little kid can be, even in anime, but there’s no denying that Becky Blackbell is a pretty cool kid after all. She’s a tough but fair young girl who became Anya’s first real friend at the elite Eden Academy, and she regularly stands up for her bullying friend.

There’s not much else to say about Becky just yet, but so far, Spy x Family fans can tell that her parents raised her well. She is a noble, helpful and courageous child who will surely be a prominent member of society when she graduates from school.

8 Bond The Dog has super-canine powers

The giant white dog known as Bond is due to appear very soon in the Spy x Family anime in October, and fans will love this canine hero. Bond has powers beyond any dog ​​or human, but no one understands or appreciates what he can do. Except for Anya, of course.

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Bond is the perfect pet, a loyal, kind, and brave beast who rewards Anya’s kindness with acts of heroism when no human can do the job. He also has his more human side, being afraid of Yor’s terrible cooking and seeing Anya as his true friend and equal.

seven Franky Franklin can make it all up

One of Loid Forger’s most trusted allies is fellow WISE agent Franky Franklin. Even though Franky has minimal fighting skills and lacks Loid’s cool charisma, Franky makes up for it with his creative mind and grounded thinking. And he shares Loid’s ability to blend into Ostanian society.

Franky can invent or tinker with just about anything, and even though half of his inventions are nonsense, it’s still impressive and fun to watch too. And it was Franky who helped put together this incredible Spy Wars storyline to this castle in a filler episode, complete with traps and himself as the villain.

6 Sylvia Sherwood is Loid’s beautiful and cool

Very little is known about Sylvia Sherwood personally, but even so she has established herself as one of the Spy x Familythe coolest characters of all. Like Loid, Sylvia is a cool, smart professional who always puts the mission first, and her confidence is intoxicating.

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Sylvia is not only a cool and smart manager in the WISE agency, but she also has a stylish personality and good looks. She looks timeless and chic with her wide brimmed hat, black leggings and sleek black dress over a white collared shirt. It’s a charming and vaguely intimidating look at her.

5 Yuri Briar works for the SSS

Yor’s little brother, Yuri, is what’s called a sis-con, or someone with a sister complex. It’s the source of much of Yuri’s comic relief in the series, like his eagerness to gobble down Yor’s terrible food or butt heads with his new brother-in-law, Loid Forger.

But Yuri also has his cool side. He is intimidating, gentle, and confident as an SSS agent, rising through the ranks with his unwavering loyalty to the Ostanian cause. He has a menacing aura and interrogation skills beyond his years, which is both cool and impressive. He’d rather you not see that side of him, though.

4 Housemaster Henry Henderson calls for elegance

Housemaster Henry Henderson expects a lot from the students of Eden Academy, and he’ll bring the hammer down on anyone who tarnishes this school’s reputation with rowdiness, low grades, or other misbehavior. But he’s also fair, and Henry no doubt has a refined taste in art.

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Above all, Henry Henderson is cool because he always stands up for what’s right, even if it means punching mean teachers. He is also passionate about elegance, and it’s not just a running gag. It’s admirable, and it makes it kind of cool too. He could inspire Spy x Family fans to be more stylish in their own lives too.

3 Anya Forger is a pint-sized hero

The famous peanut-loving telepathic heroine, Anya Forger, is definitely the coolest kid in the world. Spy x Family and one of the best anime characters overall. She may be bad at studies and acts like a total brat, but Anya also has the brave heart of a superhero and a desire to make everyone happy,

Anya can’t help but dazzle fans with her enthusiasm for larger-than-life spy adventures, her tough-but-friendly demeanor, and her boundless optimism. She’s impressionable, funny, and always ready to try something new, although she can be overwhelmed at first. She’s a great kid overall.

2 Yor Forger is the deadly Princess Thorn

Yor Forger, Loid’s new wife, is probably the most popular Spy x Family character of all, and it is easy to see why. This ultra-cool action heroine has it all, from her charming, down-to-earth beauty and wholesome personality to her amusing flaws and deadly Ostanian assassin skills.

Yor is impressive and even frightening when she serves as Anya’s protective mother bear against all threats. She’s much stronger and faster than her appearance suggests, and she can punch a hole in a wall if it’s for Anya’s protection. She also has an adorable side that makes fans want to protect her in return.

1 Loid Forger is a super handsome spy and the best dad

The protagonist himself, Twilight/Loid Forger, is one of the coolest anime characters out there. Like his assassin wife, he’s a super cool elite agent who can still get the job done, but he’s also charming and vulnerable with his domestic life, especially when his new brother-in-law, Yuri, grills him.

Loid can easily steal the scene with his good looks, excellent taste in menswear, elite skills, and thrilling spy antics. Any episode is a good episode when Loid takes center stage doing something cool as a WISE spy, wholesome foster dad, or both.

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