“Stranger Things 4”: will these characters die?

stranger things 4 was split into two parts, so although we had a little break between volume 1 and the last two episodes of the season, it did for plenty of fans sharing their theories on who will die in the climactic battle. The creators of the series, the Duffer Brothers, have already announced several times that there will be a bloodbath or that someone we love will die, and it is not. fair.

“I don’t really want to say, but I would definitely be concerned about the characters going into Volume 2,” the Duffers said. Variety. “I hope that’s sort of the meaning, because it’s a darker season and kids aren’t kids anymore. And there’s kind of an ominous feeling that things might not be going well. Now, whether they do or not, you’ll have to watch.

So while many have said who they think it will be (I hate all those theories) I decided to talk about who I hope it will be is not. Granted, I don’t want anyone from Hawkins to die because we’ve been through enough, but I think someone needs to go, and while I wish they were all okay, here are some of my picks. for survivors, based simply on the fact that I love them too much.

Eddie Munson

Yeah, we just met Eddie, but the fact is stranger things has a reputation for killing off characters we meet in any given season and love. They did it with Bob, they did it with Alexei, and I’m afraid they’re trying to do it with Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson, and NO THANK YOU. He’s tortured and trying to figure out his life, and he has so much more to give us as fans, and I think Eddie surviving the season will not only change precedent with the show, but it will give hope to so many people. Fans. It also means we’ll see more of Eddie, so it’s really a win-win situation for all of us.

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas winning basketball in Stranger Things 4

The first part of the season saw Lucas being away from his friends and trying to figure out who he was outside of those he’s known all his life, and while that angered Mike and Dustin, it gave Lucas something to figure out on his own, and soon after, he came back to his friends and Max (who needed him even though he hadn’t told him as much). So he deserves to continue this journey and find out who he is besides his friends, and hopefully he doesn’t fall victim to Vecna.

Steve Harington

angry daddy steve with his hands on his hips in stranger things 4

The common choice for who’s gonna die is my boy Steve, and to that I say I’m gonna walk on Netflix. I will get an attorney and then use said newly hired attorney to sue for emotional damages if someone touches a hair on Steve Harrington’s head. He is always trying to figure out his purpose and what he needs to do. And sure, he’d probably die doing something heroic, but no thanks. Let him live his life for once and do what he needs to without being hurt emotionally or physically, please.


eleven crying in stranger things 4

Another popular theory about who will die is Eleven, and you can’t kill our daughter! Eleven has found a family, regained her powers, and is determined to stop Vecna, so she might be a perfect target for him, but hopefully she survives to prevent evil from taking over Hawkins once and for all in season 5, and she doesn’t. do not die before the end of the battle. But also, I don’t think they won’t kill her again and fake it, either, like they did with season 1.

Robin Buckley

steve and robin in the car in stranger things 4

Although she survived her first season on the show, Robin is unfortunately a good target as she’s a fan favorite and someone whose death would emotionally destroy Steve, so let’s get to it. not do that and keep Robin alive and maybe let her have a girlfriend so she can be really really happy in season 5 with her best friend Steve and his girlfriend [insert name here].

Jim Hopper

David Harbor as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things

Sure, they faked Hopper’s death in Season 3, so you probably think he’s safe, but I don’t trust him, and I don’t want him either. I love Jim Hopper almost as much as I love Steve Harrington (they come and go for the top spot for me), so killing either one will feel like a personal attack to me. Best to let him survive this one.

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 is heading our way from July 1st, and honestly, I’m not ready.

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