Series Funniest Characters, Ranked

hacks is arguably one of the funniest TV shows currently available to stream on HBO Max. Directed by Jean Smart, the show follows the hilarious working relationship between veteran comedian Deborah Vance (Smart) and rising comedian Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder). Despite having different and sometimes controversial outlooks, the two eventually form a strong bond that propels their respective careers to new heights.

Earlier this summer, hacks has been renewed for a third season, which follows its immensely successful and award-winning first two seasons. For the past two years in a row, in fact, Smart has won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Of course, she’s not the only funny person in the cast. In addition to Deborah and Ava, hacks boasts an ensemble cast of some of TV’s most hilarious and ridiculously heartwarming characters. Here’s how the best of them rank.


7/7 Jimmy LuSaque

Jimmy LuSaque from Hacks

Jimmy LuSaque, played by Paul W. Downs, is Deborah and Ava’s manager, who has taken over her father’s job and is very stressed about the situation due to his encounters with Kayla and Deborah’s unpredictable nature. Jimmy is more of a supporting character, and one of the straightest, but his interactions with Kayla are inherently special. Downs also gets credit for being one of the creators of hacks.

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6/7 KiKi

Hack KiKi

Kiki is played by Poppy Liu in hacks. She works as a blackjack dealer to Deborah, who develops a strong friendship with Ava over the first two seasons. She’s a single mother who works to support her daughter, and we see that she’s also unapologetic and sharp, which translates into some hilarious remarks. She’s honest with Deborah and Ava, especially when they need to hear it, and is one of the most likable characters on the show.

5/7 DJ Vance

DJ Vance from Hacks

DJ is the daughter of Deborah Vance and is played by Kaitlin Olson. DJ struggles personally due to his chaotic upbringing with Deborah. She has struggled to be put in the spotlight and feels second best after Deborah’s career. DJ desperately tries to make her career as a jewelry designer work. She’s funny in a way where we root for her, oblivious to some aspects of real life and making quick remarks to her mother.

4/7 Mark

Marcus from Hacks

Marcus is a hard worker who prioritizes his career working for Deborah over his personal life. During the first two seasons of hacks, we get a glimpse of his failed relationship due to his career he is still struggling with. His character has some funny lines due to his stern nature, and a sequence in the early seasons in particular where he goes wild when Deborah is out of town is particularly entertaining, giving us a deeper look into his character. Played by Carl Clemons-Hopkins, he’s a character we’re excited to see develop in future seasons.

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3/7 Ava Daniels

Ava Daniels from Hacks

Ava Daniels is one of the main characters in hacks, who works most closely with Deborah to create new stand-up material from a different perspective. Their relationship is complicated and one of the best female friendships that has been portrayed on screen in a long time. Ava is brash, but we come to understand her deeply throughout the first two seasons. His sequences with Deborah are very entertaining and his jokes always hit the spot perfectly.

2/7 Kayla

kayla from hacks

Kayla is played by Megan Stalter, who found herself in a job as Jimmy’s assistant due to her father’s position in the company, which means she cannot be fired, no matter how bad. of the mistake she made. Kayla is hilarious and constantly makes ridiculous mistakes and says inappropriate things. Her character has some of the funniest scenes of the entire season.

1/7 Deborah Vance

Deborah Vance of Hacks

The funniest character hacks is undoubtedly Deborah Vance. Smart’s performance is excellent and has been described as one of the best TV performers in recent memory. Deborah is a complicated character who seems to remind many female actors in our world. She makes rude jokes that are smart and land perfectly. She deserves the top spot on our list.

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