Sammy Hagar thinks Van Halen tried to ‘bury the Van Hagar era’


Sammy Hagar believes that Van Halen tried to “bury” the material of his tenure as the head of the band, but he also believes that the music of this era “will never die”.

“It seems that since Van Halen made the [David Lee] Roth meeting that they tried to really bury the Van Hagar era, ”Hagar told UCR. “They wouldn’t remaster it, they wouldn’t allow it to be in the movies. They would not allow it to be licensed for video games and commercials.

Hagar understands the motive of the group – to a point. “They’ve pushed everything since the Roth era, because they were doing this reunion. Understood, ”he explains. Still, he can’t help but feel that part of his work with the group has been trampled on. “It’s such a good material. All number one albums. You know, 50 million records.

These days, Hagar regularly mixes material from his Van Halen tenure into live sets with his band The Circle. “I don’t care how proud I am of my own business, I can’t ignore it,” he notes. “It’s the biggest peak of my career. But I do not exploit it too much.

He points out that Van Hagar’s material always gets a strong response from his fans, no matter what song he performs.

“Every time we play this stuff, the audience goes crazy,” Hagar says. “We added ‘Enough good’ to the show, we added ‘Humans Being’ from Tornado. We recently added some really deep tracks and man, whatever song you play – it’s not just the hits. They are not just “Why can’t this be love”. You play ‘Humans Being’ and the place goes crazy. They know every word. So we’re like ‘Dude, this stuff is gold.’ He will never die, and we will not let him.

To that end, Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony – who was also in Van Halen and is now a member of the Circle – have vivid memories on their “The other half” social media sites, which regularly post videos and images from the Van Hagar era.

“We started this thing because Mike said, ‘Dude, you know I found that old tape,’” Hagar recalls. “He always tells me this shit and shows me a picture: ‘Look what I found!’ We just started digging and we have a gold mine.

Hagar will play material throughout his career as part of the Sammy Hagar and Friends residency at the Strat in Las Vegas. Performances begin October 29 and run through mid-November.

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