One Piece: 10 healthiest characters, ranked


Eiichiro Oda A play is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who wishes to follow in the footsteps of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and find the great treasure known as One Piece. History has many pirates who went to sea in search of adventure and treasure.

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While a series about pirates battling for fame and supremacy doesn’t necessarily seem healthy, Oda has managed to exquisitely weave a story filled with healthy characters and tender moments that warm the hearts of readers.

ten Monkey D. Luffy is a caring person who enjoys helping others

Luffy laughing in one piece

Luffy, a play protagonist, is easily among the healthiest characters in history. Despite being a pirate, Luffy still helps those in need and shows kindness to others from time to time. His naivety also plays a role and makes fans think he’s very healthy. While Luffy can have a spooky side too, he’s generally a person who likes to party with others, make friends, and stand up for those who need him.

9 Chopper is the baby of the straw hat pirates

Chopper on Zoro's shoulder

Chopper is the Straw Hat Pirates’ medic and someone the crew treats like their child, possibly because of his small size in his brain. However, more importantly, Chopper often wears his heart on his sleeve. He is extremely kind and will do anything for those he loves. He’s kind enough to even save those who are his enemies. Additionally, Chopper is very gullible and easily believes anything without questioning him at all, which only adds to his sane character.

8 Ryunosuke made a memorable appearance during the Zou arc

One Piece Ryunosuke

Ryunosuke was a dragon painted by Kanjuro when the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies had to scale Zou. Like all of Kanjuro’s other animal drawings, Ryunosuke was realistic and exhibited emotions. Despite being a weak and sickly dragon, Ryunosuke managed to climb nearly 10,000 meters above sea level, and his brave spectacle reduced the crew to tears. After achieving his goal, Ryunosuke turned to dust.

7 Thirst for adventure makes Yamato very lovable

Kaido’s son, Yamato, was introduced in A play during the Onigashima section of the Wano Country Arc.

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Since childhood, Yamato has been so amazed by Kozuki Oden that his eyes sparkle at a single mention of him. Due to being chained by his father, Yamato could not leave the land of Wano, but at the same time, he never stopped dreaming. Yamato also doesn’t know how the outside world works, which only adds to the healthiness of the character.

6 The nature of the mink of the carrot makes it very healthy

Carrot is a Mink Bunny who joined the Straw Hat Pirates on the trip to Whole Cake Island and then Wano. Only 15 years old, Carrot had never left Zou before and was very excited to explore the world. Its lack of knowledge about the size of the world and the number of islands it owns makes it very healthy. Beyond that, Carrot is also extremely kind. Being a mink, Carrot enjoys greeting others and gently nibbling their ears. Without a doubt, she is one of the healthiest characters in A play.

5 Laboon shared a special bond with the Rumbar Pirates

Laboon giant whale in front of the red line

Laboon was a small whale of the West Blue when he found his way to the Grand Line with the Rumbar Pirates. Every day the whale listened to Brook’s music, but the perils of the Grand Line forced the crew to keep it. Laboon decided to wait for the crew at the Twin Capes with Crocus, but no one came to see him for 50 years. Even now, he awaits the arrival of the Rumbar Pirates and carries the same love for them in his heart.

4 Nekomamushi is a funny cat that is loved by all

Nekomamushi is one of the two dukes of the Duchy of Mokomo and is an incredibly powerful fighter. Although fierce in combat, Nekomamushi is as lovable as any other cat besides him.

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He loves parties and adventures just as much as Carrot and carries the same spark of adventure in his eyes. Nekomamushi is also extremely funny, as seen when he eats lasagna in a tub despite serious injuries. His innocence is shown when he abandons a serious conversation to play with a ball. He’s so healthy that Brook even writes a song about him.

3 Aisa is a nice girl from Skypiea who hates to fight

Aisa One Piece

Aisa was introduced in a play Arch of Skypiea. Amidst all the fighting and murder, Aisa was a character who represented hope for future generations. Although she was born into a warrior tribe, Aisa did not like to fight. All she wanted was to play on Vearth and see what life was like there. By the end of the arc, Aisa and Luffy formed a great bond and the two shared countless healthy moments. After Enel’s fall, Aisa could finally live the life she deserved.

2 Toko is a child deprived of her emotions by Orochi

Toko smiling during his father's execution

Toko was introduced into the arc of Wano country under the name Kamuro of Komurasaki. She came to Sanji’s Soba booth to try her Soba and couldn’t stop laughing. It wasn’t until later that fans realized that she couldn’t do anything but laugh because of Orochi’s dastardly trick. Although his other emotions are taken away from him, Toko is an extremely healthy child who deserves to live in a country full of joy and happiness.

1 Tama deserves a normal childhood

Tama is a child introduced to fans at the start of the Wano Country arc. She fed Luffy in exchange for her rescue from the Beasts Pirates. Surprisingly, Tama only ate once a year on her birthday, and she gave Luffy all of her food despite it. For four years, Tama waited for Ace to return to Wano so that he could go to sea like him. She immediately formed a very close bond with Luffy when the two met. Although she barely ate her whole life and faced so many hardships as a child, Tama refused to give up hope and she also played a pivotal role in turning the tide of the Onigashima War. .

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