Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Characters We Want In The Final List


With a character catalog spanning as many years as Nickelodeon, there are a ton of great options for the next fighting game.

The announcement of Nickelodeon Star Brawl took the fighting game community by surprise with its promise of restoring netcode and competitive gameplay. While the full roster wasn’t revealed in the trailer, the characters featured were a pleasant surprise as well. Shortly thereafter, an alleged cover of the game leaked that showed silhouettes of as yet unannounced characters among those shown in the reveal trailer.

It seems like Nickelodeon Star Brawl promises to be solid Super Smash Bros– like a crossover fighting game that many online are excited for. The cover leak also made people nostalgic for classic Nickelodeon cartoons speculating on the deep characters that could appear in the game’s full roster, leaving everyone hoping that maybe, just maybe, their favorite NickToon could. always appear.

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Jimmy Neutron

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

A lot of classic Nicktoons characters are missing in Star Brawlinitial trailer of, including names like Timmy Turner, Ren, Stimpy and most notably Jimmy Neutron. Not only does it belong to what many see as the golden age of Nickelodeon, the series was also a big deal when it came to animated 3D TV shows.

The Boy Genius might have a pretty well-defined set of moves based on his various inventions in the series. If Fair Play Labs needs a bit more resources, they can always check out the classic Nicktoons crossover game, Nicktoons unite. Considering that Fair Play Labs appears to be trying to pull characters from the Nickelodeon storyline, it would be weird not to have Jimmy Neutron on the roster.

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Cat dog

The box art leak may have revealed a few characters that would be a lot of fun to play, but none were as surprising to see as CatDog. Cat dogis another show from Nickelodeon’s’ 90s era, and, aside from a few cameo appearances, the main character hasn’t shown up too often. However, if this box art leak is true, then the developers are really looking for nostalgic characters.

As for how CatDog might work in this kind of fighting game, there is definitely a case for them to play the same way as someone like Pyra and Mythra from. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The developers could come up with playstyles for characters like Nigel Thornberry and Helga, so CatDog could easily be given a distinct playstyle. With how nostalgic CatDog is to many fans, a crossover game like Star Brawl would be a great way to bring them back.

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Modern Rocko Life is the go-to show most people refer to when they talk about underrated Nicktoons. The series got a boost in audiences with the 2019 Netflix special Modern Rocko Life: Static Grip, with fans on social media hoping the special would lead to a revival. While a new series or movie has yet to be announced with Rocko being added to Star Brawl could be a great way for Nickelodeon to continue to give classic series love.

Rocko’s playstyle and set of moves would be a bit tricky as he’s more known to be accident prone and shy. That being said, there are already some much weirder characters than Rocko in Star brawl, and it looks like they have some pretty creative sets of moves. Regardless of how his moveset is done, the inclusion of Rocko would go a long way in maintaining interest in the series.

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Jenny (XJ-9)

My life as a teenage robot

Jenny from My life as a teenage robot is probably one of the most requested characters for Star Brawl which did not appear as part of the cover leak. Ironically, she is probably the most suitable for a Smashlike a fighting game. Not only would she have excellent aerial play, but there is also great potential for her to have projectiles. She would even be able to portray a Nicktoons era that actually doesn’t have too much representation in Star Brawl.

With a huge array of possible weapons, including her head drill and rocket braids, Jenny could be a lot of fun to play. While her series has a ton of nostalgic appeal, it actually only lasted 40 episodes despite its popularity. A fighting game in which Jenny fits perfectly would greatly rekindle interest in the series.

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The Tiger

For those who don’t remember The Tiger: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, this lesser-known Nickelodeon series was an energetic adventure about titular Manny Rivers battling crime in the fictional town of Miracle. This show was a great representation of Mexican culture and could be considered one of the best Flash animations ever. Series creator Jorge Gutierrez has structured many of the series’ most grounded events on his own childhood, giving each episode’s plot credibility alongside comedic action.

El Tigre would be an incredible rushdown or combo focused fighter who would be simple enough to translate that into a moveset. El Tigre is a lesser-known but equally well-liked character from Nickelodeon. Including figures with significant cult followers could do for the The Tiger franchise what the inclusion of Ness in Super Smash Bros. made for the Mother series.

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