MCU: 10 Characters Joe Locke Could Play In Agatha: Coven Of Chaos

Although not much is known about Agatha: Chaos Coven for now, Joe Locke, best known for Netflix Heart stroke series, was cast and joined Kathryn Hahn in Magical Mayhem (via Variety). As of now, her role remains unknown, but fans anticipate the series will take quite a chaotic and mystical turn, especially given her connection to Wanda Vision.

With no details on when the MCU series will take place or the show’s premise, it’s hard to infer which Marvel characters will appear. There are, however, plenty of characters related to Agatha Harkness in the comics – or to the wizarding world itself – who could make for interesting roles for Locke.


Nicolas Scratch

One of the most likely candidates is Agatha Harkness’ son, Nicholas Scratch. Although Agatha is a villain in Wanda Vision, in the comics, she often works alongside heroes, and her own son works against her. Nicholas often tries to oust his mother from positions of power, turns other magic users against her, and strives to become the most powerful magic user around.

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With little about Agatha’s life between her own mother’s seizure of power and her arrival as a neighbor in Wanda Vision, it is not out of the question for Nicholas to exist within the MCU and to benefit his mother. A villainous role would also be a huge departure for Locke with his character in Heart stroke easily win the hearts of the public.

One of the Salem Seven

In the main Marvel comics continuity, there is a group of magic users called Salem’s Seven. They live in the town of New Salem, a place created as a haven for magic users, and they turn on Agatha under the guidance of their father. All seven siblings are the children of Nicholas Scratch.

Although they don’t need to be siblings in Convent of Chaos, with a title like that, it looks like Agatha is going to have quite a few other magic users in her series. Six of these seven characters can transform into an animal being with different abilities. With the campy nature of these particular characters in the comics, it’s hard to figure out which one would suit Locke best. A character like Vakume, who can control air and become intangible, would give Locke the chance to expand his creative skills while acting with more special effects and CGI.

One of Marvel’s Ultimate Salem Seven

In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, the Salem’s Seven are not Nicholas Scratch’s grandchildren. Instead, they’re a bunch of superheroes. Marvel writers like to pull a lot of content from the Ultimate Universe to mix up MCU storylines.

In this alternate continuity, not only does each member of the seven have their own unique ability, but they can also unite to form a dragon. While that might seem like a big step forward for the series, dragon-like creatures are a staple of magical stories in the comics. So it’s no exaggeration to see this version of the seven with Locke on the team. This team is less campy than the seven siblings with more traditionally dramatic attitudes. Locke was able to show off his dramatic talents in Heart stroke and always charm the public, so he would be able to make any member of the team sympathetic.

Aaron the Sorcerer

Of course, some of the most successful MCU adaptations are of characters who don’t have a ton of comic book history to draw from. Characters that writers and actors can make their own mean comic book fans are a lot less fussy, which is why Aaron the Sorcerer could be a nice addition to the show – and most fans wouldn’t expect it. not.

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Aaron appeared in only one issue of Journey into mystery in 1962 where he got a job at a gas station and tried to live a normal life, but he was chased by wizards who wanted his magical abilities. He used his abilities to fix things around the station that were seemingly impossible to fix, and he fell in love with the station owner’s daughter. That’s the whole story he’s involved in, which means the character would be almost a blank slate for writers. It also means that Locke’s performance wouldn’t be influenced by fans of the character. He could put his own spin on Aaron without worrying about the backlash that might start.


While it will likely be years before the X-Men or their associated characters show up in the MCU, laying the groundwork for them now could be a good bet for MCU writers. Belasco is a demonic entity who pursues Illyana Rasputin – the hero known as Magik – as a child on his quest to bring the Elder Gods to Earth. He spends much of his time in the comics trapped in Limbo, wanting to make Illyana his disciple, but he has a story long before he met Illyana that involves him wanting to increase the reach of the Elder Gods and create his own new demonic race.

Convent of Chaos would be a great start to planting the seeds for the character to eventually have a larger story. It would also be a good bet to give the role to a younger actor, someone who could grow with him if the character is only teased now and developed later. Locke’s only professional role before Convent of Chaos is its role in Heart stroke. Playing a role like Belasco, someone so sinister and power-hungry, could really show audiences that he’s capable of more.

A variant of Franklin Richards

Agatha Harkness is most commonly linked to two comic book characters – Wanda Maximoff and Franklin Richards. Audiences have already seen her interact with Wanda, and Franklin’s The Fantastic Four family is on the way in their own MCU movie. It would make sense to see him, or some variant of him, in Agatha’s story.

The MCU is no longer constrained by deadlines or a single universe thanks to projects like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It is not a leap to consider that Convent of Chaos could also see magical steps in other timelines or dimensions. Franklin Richards, as a student of Agatha Harkness from another timeline, could be a great tease for the next one. The Fantastic Four, although the public does not yet know who will play Sue Storm or Reed Richards, her parents. Locke would be a perfect fit to play Richards as a confident teenager who understands his power long before audiences see a young actor struggling to learn and control it.


The original Scrier is an ancient being. He claimed to be the entity that created life on Earth, but even in Marvel Comics there are many different versions of how life on Earth was created. Although he’s an unlikely candidate for the series, the Brotherhood of Scrier may not be that far off.

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Agatha once worked with the original Scrier in the comics to heal the Silver Surfer. The Brotherhood, a group of followers who are also often magic users, could be a rival group for Agatha’s titular coven. After all, there are more magic users in Marvel stories than just the Kamar-Taj magicians who work with Wong. If Locke appeared as a member of the Brotherhood, it would, like Aaron the Wizard, give the writers and Locke carte blanche to interpret the character however they see fit. Locke could make what would otherwise be a generic minion his own.

Sean Dolan

Season Dolan has appeared in just over a dozen issues of Marvel Comics, so he may not be particularly well-known to many comic book readers. The character has a connection to an element that will be important for future storylines involving the supernatural in the MCU, and if Convent of Chaos is used to deepen the MCU’s supernatural backstory, he might be a good candidate.

Originally from Ireland and squire of one of the Black Knights of the comics, Sean finds himself in possession of the Ebony Blade. When he uses the blade, an entity known as the Bloodwraith takes over. With the Ebon Blade in possession of Dane Whitman in modern times, it would be interesting to see how it might have affected others before him. This could be a darker role for Locke, once again allowing him to step away from Heart stroke because Bloodwraith is particularly violent and larger than life. Locke would have to dig deep to inhabit the more tortured aspects of the character.

Billy Maximoff

Billy Maximoff already exists in the MCU, played by Julian Hilliard. While Wanda Maximoff created her children as part of her ideal world in Wanda Vision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revealed that his children exist in other universes. Hilliard is much younger than Locke, so Locke could be playing an older version of the character. Both actors have a charming and friendly quality to their most famous roles, which would make it easy for audiences to see them as two versions of the same person.

Of course, if he does, that’s another case of Convent of Chaos potentially crossing multiple timelines or universes, which is unconfirmed for the series. But while Wiccan becomes a powerful magic user in the Marvel comics, fans don’t feel his story in the MCU is over just yet.

A whole new character

It’s easy to speculate when actors are cast in a comic book movie that they play any number of comic book characters. While it’s entirely possible Joe Locke is playing an existing comic book character, it’s also perfectly reasonable to assume that’s not the case.

There are plenty of characters that exist in the MCU that never made it into the comics. There are also some that were created for the MCU that ended up being introduced in the comics afterwards, like Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg), who ended up turning into the Agents of SHIELD TV show. Anyway, Locke is coming Agatha: Chaos Coven is sure to have fans speculating.

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