Many bank customers cannot afford quick loans. This is associated with huge papermaking and a lack of certainty associated with the positive response of the selected institution. Banks operate completely differently than financial institutions – here the PFSA carefully checks each loan, and BIK is a guide.

Therefore, having a negative credit history, we are not able to incur debt elsewhere than in a financial institution. It works very similarly, it also offers cash and loans. The difference is that you won’t get a quick 30-day loan at any bank because it is against the law. The bank may not impose on the borrower such a short time to pay the debts. And here was a niche filled with parabanks, in other words – financial institutions.

Parabank and the bank


The cash loan taken in the parabank is significantly different from the one we will meet in a traditional bank. First of all, because of interest and additional costs. These details in the bank are much less. However, this does not mean that the parabank acts illegally or bends the law.

Loan agreements are based on civil law, not banking law. Therefore, the interest rate may be higher, as can insurance fees, loan preparation (documents). If you are interested in secure and cheap cash loans, pay attention to the details given above. Very many financial institutions enjoy low preparation fees and low interest rates.

Can an unemployed person also borrow?

Can an unemployed person also borrow?

Payday loans are intended for persons refused by the bank . The unemployed can also take advantage of this type of service that does not require any certification, but only the possession of an ID card. The loan can be used in three ways! Products such as payday loans do not require us to go to the facility.

The matter can be handled on the spot, via the Internet and by phone or sms. Very convenient combination of fast service and functionality. Filling out the form is only entering personal data from our document. We should remember to accurately copy all the data on our ID card. You will also need to provide a cell phone.

How are borrowers verified?


We usually verify by bank transfer. The amount of PLN 0.01 must be transferred to the account number provided to confirm our data. When this happens, we are only waiting for a response regarding the loan, which is usually positive. We can do a lot using the internet.

We complete the entire application on the website, then verification and decision. These loans take between 5 and 60 minutes from the time you verify your details. An excellent proposition for people in financial difficulties. In a few minutes we are able to help ourselves.