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Everyone loves thrills every now and then – blood flowing, heart pounding, hands shaking and stammering over words. Horror is definitely the type to be afraid of, but is there more to it?

While everyone runs away from some of these villains, others run towards them with open arms and hearts. Here are some crazy killers that deserve to be simplified or completely slashed.

Ghostface (‘Scream’)

What’s not to love about Ghostface (other than the obvious)? The mask leaves us filled with mystery, and it stays simple with a black dress. Sure, his voice might have been altered in the original movies, but good night calls with him must surely be affectionate and sassy.

I am delighted to make sims on Ghostface.

Jason Voorhees (“Friday the 13th”)

Who doesn’t love a hockey player? Well, unfortunately for Jason, the call is not there.

This killer is too much of a mommy’s son, which is a huge red flag. Being so attached to your mother that you look for her in other women means Jason is not ready to handle difficult conversations and situations with a partner.

Jason is first on the slash list.

Anna / “The Huntress” (“Dead by Daylight”)

Imagine my shock to find out that The Huntress is actually a Cottagecore Queen. Raised to live off the land? Has the ability to defend oneself? Wearing a pretty cute bunny mask? There is nothing else you would need to ask for here.

My only hope is to take this beauty out of Russian winters and give it a beautiful tropical vacation. No need to go hunting for our dinner tonight, darling – it’s my treat.

The huntress is on the simple list.

Brahms Heelshire (‘The Boy’)

Yes, he still lives with his parents, but they end up giving him the house and his space. Yes, he also has rules to follow, but he just has a routine and limits that must be respected.

On top of that we can say that he is a deeply committed partner who will do anything to keep you with him. He will never leave you unsure if he loves you.

Brahms is on the simp list.

Freddy Kreuger (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’)

Freddy Kreuger is… well… maybe I shouldn’t be judging too harshly, because he’s the only one so far who has bothered to show his face for once, even though it’s not pretty. The fedora is a no, and the red and green sweater really turns me off, but at least it’s ready for two vacations.

Appearance isn’t everything, but if someone only wants to meet me when I’m in bed and not in public with other people, that’s a no on my part.

The slash list is where I dream of Freddy’s.

Nurse (‘Silent Hill’)

What can I say ? I’m a sucker for a profession with a uniform (although it’s a bit dated and sexist now). Given the mess of her uniform, I know that she devotes 110% to her job; let me take care of you, working woman of modern times.

She seems super attentive and totally willing to hear from you on anything that crosses your mind. A listening partner is the minimum, but it means everything to me.

The nurse is on the simple list.

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