Guitarist Carrie Martin will perform at Les Comrades

Carrie Martin.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Carrie Martin will perform at Les Comrades on Saturday.

Born in Hull, Carrie gave up music to raise her children. His guitar remained untouched for two decades until a chance encounter with guitar virtuoso Gordon Giltrap changed his life.

Gordon’s close mentorship saw her leap forward, attracting endorsements from Vintage Guitars, G7th Capos and Martin Strings.

His last two albums Seductive Sky and Entity featured guests Elliott Randall, Gordon Giltrap, Oliver Wakeman, Daniel Cassidy (brother of the late Eva Cassidy) and former Bad Company guitarist Dave Colwell.

Carrie has toured Canada and represented Vintage Guitars twice at the Namm Show in California.

She is also invited to various guitar shows across the UK to demonstrate her use of open chords.

His new album “Beside the Evergreen” is due out next spring on digital, CV and vinyl platforms with an array of guest musicians alongside him.

Carrier said, “I’m always looking for new places to perform and share my music.

“I am delighted to make my debut at the Comrades Club in Richmond this week.”

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