Gothic / industrial artist NUDA shines a light on mental health issues with new video


Gothic / industrial artist, NUDA just unveiled his new music video for the track “What Did You Want To Happen?” The track is on his last album, Mindfulness tragedies. It deals with the struggle with mental health which NUDA has had for years.

NUDA was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017. There were some extremely dark times for her and when they were shared, her therapist said something that stuck in her mind. She said, “Say if you did it and you left; what did you want to happen? “

This moment opened my eyes and helped NUDA be there to see the overall message: that there is more support and love that you cannot see when you are buried in the dark. You can get by, you are not alone and people care a lot about you …

Possessed Tranquility usually contained lyrics that spoke of mental health issues. When band member Anthony shared his version, it was a moment when NUDA realized, this song can’t come out without those vocals. The music video’s premiere is a performance of “What Did You Want to Happen?”

NUDA is an ambient, gothic and industrial solo artist based in Seattle, Washington. She brings instrumental soundscapes with “a feminine touch” to industrial music. Previously guitarist for the electronic group Possessed of Tranquility who have open for well-known groups Orgy and that of Wes Borland Black light burns; She then started the solo instrumental electronic project, NUDA and released his first album Intimate senses in February 2019.

NUDAthe second album of Mindfulness tragedies completed and released in 2020. Mindfulness tragedies includes collaborations with DK-Zero, Possessed tranquility, and Jaymie valentine of CINDERJARDIN. NUDA has gained ground in the industrial music community by being invited on other tracks with industrial music artists. Her live performances feature guest singers and light shows that blend an immersive experience.

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