Golden Bomber members invited visual kei vampire anime “Visual Prison”


Golden Bomber, known as the visual kei comedy “aerial group”, will have two of its members invited to the vampire visual kei anime, Visual prison. Specifically, bassist Jun Utahiroba and guitarist Yutaka Kyan will join the cast.

The announcement made on the Visual Prison website did not reveal any details about what kind of role they would play. However, it was mentioned that we will receive more information on which episodes they appear in at a later date.

Since the last time we talked about Visual Prison, they’ve unveiled more music and other promotional material.

His triple-sided theme song CD “Zankoku Shangrila / Bloody Kiss / Gyokuza no Gemini” is due out on October 6, just three days before anime starts airing. The CD will include each respective theme song from the three fictional groups in the series: O ★ Z, LOS † EDEN and ECLIPSE.

With the new main visual, the anime also received its second promotional video! This gives us a much better overview of the main characters we’ll be following throughout the story, and we hear parts of the O ★ Z theme song. Zankoku Shangrila too much.

About the visual prison

The Visual Prison anime revolves around vampire visual kei musicians who gather in Harajuku, Tokyo, as part of the annual “Crimson Moon” event called Visual prison. Towards the display of the vampire banquet, the vampires’ abilities are enhanced, and they open the barrier for those called princes.

The musicians bring their finest songs to the stage in order to captivate the audience and use these songs as offerings to the Crimson Moon. Those who successfully charm the Crimson Moon are granted the ultimate power.

Ange Yuki is a young boy who does not feel connected to his family environment and carries within him a strong sense of loneliness.

Taking advantage of no longer having parents, he leaves his hometown and when he visits Harajuku where all the artists he hopes to perform, he comes across a concert battle between the visual kei unit “ECLIPSE” and ” LOS † EDEN ”.

As he is overwhelmed by their energetic stage performances, a sudden, violent pain hits Ange …

  1. Zankoku Shangrila


  2. Bloody kiss


  3. Gyokuza no Gemini


  4. Zankoku Shangrila -Instrumental-


  5. Bloody Kiss -Instrumental-

    BLOODY KISS -Instrumental-

  6. Gyokuza no Gemini -Instrumental-

    GEMINI -Instrumental-

Gold Bomber:

Kiryuin Shou and Kenji Darvish

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