God Of War: 9 Ways Kratos Is A Lovable Character


The success of the God of the war series was made possible due to the popularity of Kratos. Although he has committed many evil deeds like bringing down the entire Greek pantheon, Kratos is considered a badass character who remains steadfast in his quests. It is not entirely correct to view Kratos solely by the brutal manner in which he takes out his enemies, as he has so much more to do as a person.

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Kratos is also the man who loved his wife and child and then took care of his family in the Nordic world. Even the things he did weren’t all his fault, so it’s interesting how likeable Kratos looks when his character is taken a closer look. It’s also worth doing a recap of Kratos history before God of War: Ragnarök is released.

9 He was forced to follow the path to become a brutal man

Deimos is taken by Ares in God of War Ghost of Sparta

Kratos’ brother Deimos is one of the most tragic characters in the God of the war series. He was mistaken for Kratos and taken to Hell, where he spent decades being tortured by Thanatos. Although Kratos was spared, the loss of his brother set him on the path to becoming a brutal warchief.

Deimos had represented the empathy and humanity that Kratos could feel as he did everything he could to keep his brother safe. It was after his family was broken up that Kratos lost all hope of growing up as an empathetic man. His turn for the worse was never Kratos’ fault or choice.

8 He tried to really change for the better

God of War Kratos 2018

The best way to feel the change in his characterization is to read Kratos’ quotes in 2018 God of the war. Unlike his rage-induced rants from before, Kratos now had a broader understanding of the universe and only spoke when he really had something to share.

As he stated at the end of the story, it was time to “be better” as he brought down Baldur to save Freya in an effort to end the cycle of violence. While the many lives he has taken cannot be excused, Kratos has made efforts to change his ways.

7 He only asked the gods one thing but was refused

Kratos is chained in God of War Ascension

The general perception of Kratos is that he continues to blame the gods for his problems, which is to some extent true. However, Kratos becomes more sympathetic when it is pointed out that he has served the gods for over a decade without receiving anything in return.

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Kratos’ only request was for the gods to take away his nightmares, but he was repeatedly given false assurances until he was told they would never grant him his wish. Looking at the situation from Kratos’ point of view validates his anger for the gods, while making him somewhat pitiful for asking for just one thing and not getting it either.

6 His acceptance of responsibility for his bad deeds

Kratos' eyes shine with the power of hope in God of War III

Kratos’ calls on the gods to suppress his nightmares were ultimately his attempt to refuse to accept responsibility for his actions. The end of God of War III saw him confront his past to forgive himself, as he no longer let his demons control him.

He came back in 2018 God of the war when he admitted to Atreus that he killed a lot of people who didn’t deserve it. Kratos was not proud of this fact, but he continued to take responsibility for his evil actions despite having previously blamed the gods.

5 His true love for his daughter

Kratos looks away from his daughter in God of War Chains of Olympus

Calliope remains the only person who has never suffered from Kratos’ rage. His relationship with his daughter has always been about love in its purest form and Kratos’ affection for his daughter was unconditional. The moment he had to part with her in God of War: Chains of Olympus remains the biggest challenge Kratos had to face.

Fans can discover a different side to Kratos every time he thinks of Calliope, and these scenes show what he can be like if he’s surrounded by people he loves. Although Kratos has shown his selfish side, most of the time it is with Calliope that he is most altruistic.

4 Be loyal to the women he loved

Kratos is comforted by his wife in God of War Ascension

Kratos and the Spartan soldiers had many occasions to celebrate with all the gold they looted and all the fun they wanted. However, he remained loyal to his wife and never even had the idea of ​​leaving her.

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Gods like Ares and Zeus are known to cheat on their lovers and spouses, but Kratos’ feelings for his wife have always been greater than any temptation. He also came to love Faye in the Nordic world and was old enough to continue to see her in a positive light even after learning that she had reunited with him to fulfill a prophecy.

3 He generally tried to avoid killing family members

Kratos kills Athena in God of War II

The list of Kratos’ murders is not only long, but also includes many members of his own family. However, God of the war fans will notice one detail in the reruns that Kratos is usually not the one attacking them. Everyone from Perseus, Hercules, Theseus, Ares, Hephaestus and Athena took the first step against Kratos.

In fact, conversations before their battles show Kratos actively trying to spare his family members, usually reminding them that he has no problem with them. Their deaths are the result of pushing Kratos too far and all of these characters would have lived if they had left Kratos alone.

2 Almost everyone he trusts has used it

Kratos talks to Gaia in God of War III

Not all of the terrible things Kratos has done are due to his own actions, as he has been manipulated every step of the way. Ares had him kill people in the name of glory, the Titans tricked him into killing the gods, while Faye married him only to give birth to Atreus and provoke Ragnarok.

If Kratos had had a few people who really cared about him, he wouldn’t have gone very far. Kratos was always assured of his purported allies that they were standing up for his best interests, but he eventually learned too late that they were using his skills to their own advantage.

1 Her fear of losing her son

god of war kratos holding atreus

The uncertainty of the future of Kratos and Atreus is a question that God of War: Ragnarök will respond and Kratos’ main concern is to protect his son. Fans can sympathize with Kratos in this area because everyone knows what it is like to want to protect a loved one.

Atreus was marked by the Norse gods, with Kratos simply wanting to be left alone. Although he was tough on Atreus during the 2018s God of the war, all so that Kratos could train his son to take care of him.

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