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Netflix Live Action Cowboy Bebop remake brings back quite a few characters from the original anime, but not all of them are exactly as they originally appeared. The new series stars John Cho as Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine, but these three main characters are far from the only original characters heading to the real action. New Cowboy Bebop The cast is filled with talented stars, all playing familiar faces from Shinichirō Watanabe’s dark sci-fi universe.

Like the original Cowboy Bebop, the Netflix series will feature both episodic and long-term story arcs. Because of this, many of the anime’s most memorable characters only appear in one or two episodes, while the recurring cast is much smaller. From what has been revealed so far in the live-action Cowboy Bebop trailers, Netflix’s remake follows the same format, with some arcs neatly wrapped up in single episodes, and others being slowly revealed over the course of the show. However, because the live action Cowboy Bebop has only ten episodes, many stories from the original anime are probably recorded for a season 2. Netflix has also apparently moved the order of some episodes, as the trailers include scenes from much later in the anime .

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Despite these format changes, the actual characters of Cowboy Bebop appear to have been beautifully recreated in the remake. Their costumes, personalities, and story roles appear for the most part unchanged, although there are a few minor tweaks here and there, as well as a notable absence of fan-favorite character, Radical Edward. Here are all the main ones Cowboy Bebop characters revealed so far and how they stack up against their anime counterparts.

Spike spiegel

Cowboy Bebop Spike Netflix vs. Anime

Spike is the main protagonist of Netflix Cowboy Bebop, and from what has been shown so far, John Cho’s version of the character looks perfect compared to the original. The blue suit, the insatiable appetite for noodles, the cool vibe under pressure, everything is in the spotlight in the Cowboy Bebop trailer, much like Spike’s dark, complicated backstory. One notable difference is that, in the new series, Spike Spiegel is apparently a new name adopted by the character after leaving the Red Dragon union. In the original anime, Spike doesn’t change his name after he disappears.

Jet black

Cowboy Bebop Jet Netflix vs Anime

Jet Black, the pilot of the titular Bebop, is back on the Netflix show, played by Mustafa Shakir. Live action trailers show that, like Spike, the new Cowboy Bebop’s Jet is very similar to the character in the anime. He’s a calm, measured, almost fatherly character who does his best to maintain order among his crew. As in the original story, Jet was a cop before embarking on the bounty hunt. Her look and personality are incredibly true to the anime, and for now, Cowboy Bebop did not reveal any major changes in the main character of Jet.

Faye valentin

Cowboy Bebop Faye Netflix vs. Anime

The third member of the Bebop team, Faye Valentine, is played by Daniella Pineda in the Netflix remake. Of the three cores Cowboy Bebop characters, Faye appears to have undergone the biggest changes in efforts to base her more on live-action. She’s a little less pompous in her speech and her outfits are more realistic and less grossly sexualized, but overall she looks like the same old Faye Valentine from the Cowboy Bebop anime – prone to sarcasm, capable in a shootout and always mindful of herself and her results above all else.

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Cowboy Bebop Ein Netflix vs Anime

Of course, there’s another Bebop dweller that’s already been confirmed for the Netflix series, and that’s Ein, the ship’s data dog and pet. Because he’s a corgi, there’s not much to change or analyze in Ein’s new live-action form. Suffice it to say, the interstellar puppy looks just like the one from the anime and will certainly brighten up the depths of space for Spike, Jet, and Faye.


Cowboy Bebop Vicious Netflix vs Anime

In the original version Cowboy Bebop anime, Spike has a long-standing rivalry with his former Red Dragon union partner, Vicious. The silver-haired, sword-wielding assassin is back in the Netflix series, this time played by Alex Hassell. Not much has been revealed about the live-action version of Vicious yet, but trailers have confirmed that at the very least, his iconic Spike church duel from the animated episode “Ballad of Fallen Angels” will be featured in the new show. There are strong indications that the specifics of Spike and Vicious’ past will be the same in live action as well. Cowboy Bebop, but this remains to be officially confirmed. As for the look, however, Hassell pretty much matches the anime look of Vicious that can be found anywhere, complete with the iconic hair, sword, and cloak.


Cowboy Bebop Julia Netflix vs Anime

Spike’s lost lover Julia – another union agent – returns in Netflix live action Cowboy Bebop series, performed by Elena Satine. Julia is only seen in the Cowboy Bebop footage from the trailer, which matches the fact that it mostly appears in flashbacks from the original show. Still, it looks like her backstory and complicated backstory with Spike is the same as in the anime, and Satine is a perfect choice when it comes to appearance and character on screen.


Cowboy Bebop Ana Netflix vs. Anime

Another prominent figure in Spike’s criminal past is Ana, the owner of a Martian jazz bar who played a mother role to Spike when he was younger. In the new Cowboy Bebop, Ana is played by Tamara Tunie. The character’s appearance has changed a bit, but his personality seems basically the same, as does his love of whiskey on the rocks. Ana doesn’t play too big a role in the original be-bop cowboy anime, but she might get a little more screen time in the Netflix series.

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Crazy Pierrot

Cowboy Bebop Mad Pierrot

In addition to the core and recurrent Cowboy Bebop cast, there are many one-off anime characters featured in the Netflix trailers. Perhaps the most notable of all is Mad Pierrot, a deranged killer clown who lost his mind and acquired supernatural abilities after a series of science experiments. Pierrot will be played by Josh Randall in the new series, and the startling precision with which the character was brought into live action – with his clown outfit and levitating powers – is a testament to the character’s loyalty. Cowboy Bebop remake is to be in the anime.

Other Cowboy Bebop characters

Cowboy Bebop Jet Maria Murdoch

The be-bop cowboy the trailers have revealed a number of other smaller characters from the anime, most of whom look incredibly true to their original versions. Villains like Maria Murdock (Adrienne Barbeau), Teddy Bomber (Rodney Cook), Abdul Hakim (Cali Nelle) and Mao Yenrai (Rachel House) all return with less dangerous characters like Jet’s former partner Detective Chalmers (Geoff Stults), Ana’s assistant Gren (Mason Alexander Park) and Big beanie Punch and Judy TV hosts (Ira Munn and Lucy Currey). A few of these characters received changes, like Mao’s transition from male to female, Gren now openly non-binary, and Teddy Bomber’s absurd teddy bear costume now covering his face.

Vicious’s henchmen Shin and Lin are also back, played by Ann Truong and Hoa Xuande, and Jan Uddin and Lydia Peckham will play the renegade criminal couple Asimov and Katerina Solensan. Most of these figures are barely visible in the Cowboy Bebop trailers, but they all seem to be in keeping with the spirit of the original versions of the anime, both in terms of costumes and roles in the story. There is still a lot that Netflix hasn’t revealed, but so far the Cowboy Bebop the cast is fantastic, not to mention the loyalty to the original animated series.

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