10 Scariest TV Shows To Watch This Halloween

Fear comes in different shapes and sizes. The fear of being murdered, the fear of killer dolls, even the classic fear of what happens in the night. Horror comes in many shapes and sizes, just like people’s fears. Some fears are even explored more than others.

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Halloween is right around the corner and the best thing to associate with the holidays is the scariest TV shows out there. From the likes of eccentric cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter to adventures across the Upside Down with the stranger things gang, there are enough scares for everyone.

ten Hannibal Horror Should Always Be Enjoyed

by Bryan Fuller Hannibal first posed as a procedural cop with Hannibal Lecter working under the nose of the FBI. It was a show known for poetic dialogue and stunning yet terrifying visuals.

Hannibal was a show that ended too soon, but despite its abrupt end, the show still holds up today. For a series that spans 2013 to 2015, the special effects and attention to detail led to personifying fears. Even if poetic dialogue and stylized kills aren’t a strong point for viewers, who can turn down a chance to see Hannibal Lecter working outside of a straitjacket?

9 Bates Motel is the origin of an iconic horror figure

The horror of Bates Motel was the slow-brewing family drama that viewers and fans knew would end with the serial killer that is Norman Bates. Whereas Bates Motel is also a relatively old show, it had enough impact to garner five full seasons.

Freddie Highmore’s Norman Bates is a shy guy who was raised in all the wrong ways, so seeing his tragic transformation into a killer psychology makes quite an interesting watch. Additionally, the series includes more than just Norman’s script, so for those who want to watch a show with minimal spooky detail but still buy into the Halloween spirit, Bates Motel That’s where it happens.

8 The Scream TV Series Still Deserves Recognition

After the fifth Scream episode and franchise news continues, the Scream TV series deserve a watch or two. While the series has been canceled and doesn’t connect with the movies, the creepiness of a rampant slasher killer is still a classic.

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Even with the differences between the movies and the show, the formula is one fans know and love: a Sidney Prescott stand-in with plenty of friend drama on the side. While the third season of Scream was not only disconnected from the first two seasons but also one of the reasons the show was canceled, the allure of Ghostface is just too much to pass up.

seven Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting Of Hill House Dug Deep

The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manorand Midnight Mass have all earned their place in the horror hemisphere. Whether viewers are watching or watching for the first time, Mike Flanagan’s Netflix horror shows are a sight to behold.

The strongest and brightest of the Flanagan series so far should be his first series, TheThe Haunting of Hill House. The interpersonal relationships between the main family and their loved ones make for a compelling and beautiful story, while scaring the pants off viewers.

6 Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is new to horror gaming

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is a show that has the same feel as the Scream television series, but is still entirely its own thing. Original sin is a show that demands viewers’ attention with all the mystery and doubt that the show presents.

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Original sin also features a masked killer known as “A”, who definitely cements himself as a budding horror icon. By this first season alone, the “A” aura that emerges is particularly frightening. While HBO has a thing for only doing a few episodes a week, now that all episodes of the first season are available, what better time to binge on the show than on Halloween.

5 Locke & Key just finished

Based on the spirit comic series by Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill, locke and key was a Netflix Original aimed at younger audiences. Horror fans who want to watch something suitable for the whole family this Halloween should buckle up and check it out Lock key. While some may overlook a horror show if it doesn’t have an R rating, locke and keyThe premise of opening doors to new realities, and even unfortunate enemies, is fascinating in itself.

4 American Horror Story empowers viewers

Even with the existence of American Horror Storiesthe original american horror story still wears the crown. american horror storyThe anthology series is fully rewatchable, including the seasons that have found slightly less love.

american horror story contains ten complete seasons that tie together lightly but, for the most part, can be watched in any order the viewer wants. This kind of control over the story should be greatly appreciated, so if a viewer wants to enjoy multiple spooky stories this Halloween, american horror story is just the starting point.

3 Stranger Things is a modern day classic

stranger things is a classic in the making. From the nostalgic aura of the show, and the homages to classic horror films, to the memorable soundtrack, stranger things is a show worth watching.

stranger things is full of love within families, but the spooky nature of Upside Down gives the show a fantastic scare factor, with creatures like the Demogorgon and evil entities like Vecna. In all, stranger things is a must-have watch for those who haven’t caught up to it, and what better time to look at it than during Halloween?

2 Chucky returns for the holidays

With the second season of chucky series releasing in October, a perfect show to watch this Halloween would be the series’ first season. chucky is the continuation of the seven Child’s play movies and, of course, includes the diabolical machinations of a deadly Good Guy doll.

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As always, the fear of a child’s toy coming to life and killing people is, from the get-go, a scary premise. Chucky’s menace is no joke in the series and sets the stage for many graphic scares.

1 The terror of Lovecraft Country was multifaceted

Lovecraft Country includes horrors of both the fantasy variant and unfortunate real life horrors of which America itself is guilty. The series is part insight into black American life in the 1950s and part chilling sci-fi horror.

Lovecraft CountryHP’s inclusion of the creatures that HP Lovecraft had written and the racism of the time create an amalgam of terror and mystery. Not only that, but the way the series reveals information has created some compelling and bloody images. Lovecraft Country is not for the faint-hearted and has its downsides, but it certainly deserves even more attention.

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