10 Most Unsalvageable House Of The Dragon Characters, Ranked

Fans were blown away by Dragon Housethe first season. The prequel series to game of thrones continued with political intrigue, family strife, and dragons, but earned his own living away from the shadow of his predecessor. Based on George R. R. Martin Fire & Bloodthe source material offers a deep dive into Targaryen’s history with many fascinating but despicable characters.

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The events of Dragon House lead to and last until the Dance of the Dragons. The teams are divided into two camps, the greens to support Alicent and Aegon II and the blacks to support Rhaenyra. Although each character finds themselves in a moral gray area where they must do whatever they can to survive and succeed, some characters are irredeemable.

Spoilers ahead for Dragon House.

10/10 Daemon will always be bound to heinous acts

As Daemon ends up on Team Rhaenyra, he will always be seen as a wildcard. Previous episodes have shown his chaotic side. Although he loves his family, he still acts recklessly. Fans love Daemon from the very beginning, but that doesn’t make him a good person.

However, Rhaenyra needs someone like Daemon by her side as the Dance of the Dragons takes shape. Daemon walked through the Crabfeeder on a solo demolition mission, killed his ex-wife Rhea Royce, and silenced the traitor Vaemond Velaryon. Some of these violent decisions had reasons and justifications, but he would never find true redemption from his sins, nor seek it.

9/10 Vaemond Velaryon could not recover from the slander of Rhaenyra’s name

Vaemond Velaryon was a rare honest and honorable character. The conspiracy surrounding the children of Rhaenyra and who their real father was became a major plot element that had several characters killed off. The children were supposed to belong to Laenor Velaryon, but everyone could see that they belonged to Harwin Strong.

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When Corlys Velaryon took a serious beating in battle, Driftmark’s succession was called into question. Her brother Vaemond was behind Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys, but with King Viserys near death he saw an opportunity to make a deal with Otto Hightower. Vaemond spoke truths about Lucerys not being a true Velaryon, but brandishing insults at Rhaenyra and her children signed his death warrant. For audiences, honor and honesty mean little if it’s at the expense of their favorite characters.

8/10 The crab eater spoke through actions and could never be understood

Craghas Drahar was best known as the Crabfeeder, an early enemy of the crown who diverted attention from domestic politics to the Stepstones. While he’s proven to be a ruthless killer and Prince-Admiral of the Triarchy, he’s been given very little history or additional significance.

Therefore, no sympathy could ever be felt towards Crabfreeder, even though Daemon outwitted him and sliced ​​him in half with his Dark Sister sword. Crabfeeder was ultimately there to push Daemon’s story forward, as the closing scenes of “Second of His Name” painted him as a hero.

7/10 The Lannister brothers are obnoxious and unfriendly

Dragon House featured two sets of twins in its first season. While Kingsguard’s Arryk and Erryk Cargyll have confused fans at times, Jason and Tyland Lannister are easier to tell apart. Jason sits on Casterly Rock and was the first to propose marriage to Princess Rhaenyra.

Tyland, meanwhile, is on the small council. “The Green Council” even revealed that they were loyal to the Hightowers and made Aegon Viserys’ successor. Neither brother made a good impression, and in the end, the Lannisters will always be the family people love to hate.

6/10 Alicent Hightower can’t undo what she started

Alicent Hightower is a complicated character. It’s clear that the showrunners tried to make her as likable as possible, but for the most part, fans just didn’t. They understand her rage and nervousness when it comes to protecting her children, but at the same time she stepped up the starting point of the Dance of the Dragons.

Alicent overstepped several times. Not only did she demand to take the eye of one of Rhaenyra’s children, but she also mistook Viserys’ last words for a proclamation of Aegon becoming her successor. Any conflicts she has with her father endear her to some sympathy, as Otto is also completely irredeemable, but that doesn’t mean she’s any more sympathetic.

5/10 Aemond will unleash revenge on the black team

Aemond, the second son of Alicent and Viserys, has already had an amazing journey, and he’s only just begun. He lost an eye the very night he claimed the mighty dragon Vhagar and has since worked to become strong and fearsome.

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Aemond is going to wreak a lot of havoc in the conflicts to come and will no doubt commit atrocities with no return. Although still young, he is already becoming the next Daemon Targaryen, which does not bode well for his enemies.

4/10 Otto Hightower will never stop his intrigues

When Otto Hightower was introduced in Dragon House, he seemed to be a reliable and loyal hand to King Viserys. However, when the king showed his vulnerability after the death of his wife and son, Otto placed his daughter Alicent at the forefront of Viserys’ mind. He knew that if Alicent connected emotionally with Viserys, the king would consider her his next bride.

Otto’s intrigues do not end there. When Alicent gave birth to Aegon, Otto quickly began lobbying for the baby to replace Rhaenyra as Viserys’ successor. He didn’t stop his plotting and scheming until Aegon was crowned in “The Green Council”. Otto even fought with Alicent to get Aegon back, showing his true colors in the process.

3/10 Criston Cole has gone too far on several occasions

Before the time skip, Criston Cole was a fan-favorite character. He was loyal to Princess Rhaenyra after she appointed him to the Royal Guard, but the two eventually began a forbidden romance. The pressures of what might happen to his career and life grew too much for him, so he killed Joffrey Lonmouth at Rhaenyra’s wedding before joining Alicent’s job.

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After the time jump, Criston became hardened and cruel but fiercely loyal to Alicent. This loyalty even led him to antagonize, hurt and kill for his queen. Ser Criston has gone too far to seek redemption and will likely become even more dangerous throughout the Dance of the Dragons.

2/10 Larys will always be disturbing and dangerous

Larys Strong is the most dangerous character in Dragon House. He’s a schemer, master spy, and mastermind of assassinations all wrapped up in one terrifying package. While his devotion to Queen Alicent isn’t as simple as it sounds, Larys has proven that he would arrange untold deeds if she wanted them done.

Larys had her father and brother killed at Alicent’s simple request that she wanted her father back as Hand of the King. He’s already proven himself to be a terrible person, but will no doubt become more dangerous and unpredictable as the show progresses.

1/10 Aegon was a terrible teenager and is now king

From birth, many wanted Aegon to be Viserys’ successor on Rhaenyra. As he got older, it became a burden and a crown he just didn’t want. He drank and misbehaved in his mother’s bad books, becoming a despicable and irredeemable young man.

Aegon’s rejection of the crown was his only slightly redeeming feature, but that went out the window at the end of “The Green Council” when he finally accepted the crown and became king. Aegon will likely warm to being loved, having received no affection from Viserys prior to his death. It could turn him into a terrifying king if he keeps doing what he wants with incredible power at his disposal.

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