10 Iconic Characters Whose Death Fans Wouldn’t Mind

So many characters died Riverdale since the show first aired in 2017. Now six seasons and renewed for a seventh set slated to premiere in 2023, several main characters are, in fact, not only dead, but also dead and back multiple times (somehow kind). With the twist of alternate universes and the launch of Rivervale, the story and fate of each character becomes completely confusing.

Given that, there are a handful of main characters who could perish and fans probably wouldn’t flinch, especially knowing that the show will end with next season. Riverdale is expected to come out with a bang and not everyone will survive.


Betty Cooper

Betty’s character has changed so much since the start of the series. At first the quiet and shy young woman, she not only emerged from her shell but revealed a seriously dark side. Betty Goes Dark, in fact, is a storyline that no other show has beyond Riverdale could have done. While fans initially wanted her to reunite with Archie, after so much time they don’t seem quite right for each other.

That said, fans wouldn’t be entirely upset if Betty perished and Archie had to move on with someone new (or alone). She played a central role in many plots, but there is not much left. Plus, since the character apparently found his happy ending with his longtime best friend and crush, that would be typical of Riverdale to kill her off before the credits roll, and she might get a happy, satisfying ending.

Kevin Keller

Fans wouldn’t be angry if Kevin perishes. He’s come close a few times, and his storylines often feel forced and even weird. Whether it was joining a cult, having his organs harvested, or being mind controlled, his arc was among the weirdest in an already very weird sight.

With Toni and Fangs happily together and raising their baby, there isn’t much room for Kevin anymore. He’s become a disposable character who doesn’t even have the role of Betty’s confidant anymore.

Cheryl’s Flower

Fans might not be exactly happy to see Cheryl die, but in a morbid way they might appreciate the fact that she would be reunited with her twin brother Jason and finally be happy. Cheryl – one of the best Riverdale characters, according to Reddit – has always been a tortured soul, and showcasing her sorcery side suggests she might be happiest in a world of the undead.

During the time jump, Cheryl was clearly lost and trying to find direction in her life. She came to life once she had special powers and seemed to relish communicating with those on the other side. Fans would be happy to let her go and be free.

Reggie coat

Reggie is another lost soul who’s been back and forth between bad and good. His relationship with Veronica has always seemed like a mismatch, and his family discord seems to have been all but resolved.

Fans wouldn’t mind if Reggie was taken out by an enemy and only seen in memories. He’s become more of a secondary character and merely a foil for Veronica’s various plans. Without Hiram in the picture as the new boss, the character is no longer needed.

Hiram Lodge

Hiram has apparently perished before in the series (although fans never know in Riverdale) and death occurred quickly with very little accumulation. It was in the hands of his daughter Veronica, who suddenly had enough of his antics and ordered him to hit him.

He wasn’t even seen and rarely talked about after the fact, once the story shifted to another villain in Percival and a supernatural theme in one of Season 6’s weirdest twists. Riverdale. While he was a great main antagonist for a while, Hiram was quickly forgotten.

Lodge Hermione

Another character who left the show, Hermione moved to Los Angeles to star in a reality show. Fans like to see her once in a while when she visits or when Veronica visits or calls her to talk about life and get advice.

If news were to break, however, that Hermione was gone, fans wouldn’t flinch. While Veronica is close to her mother, the story has veered so far into otherworldly themes that the loss of this person close to Veronica probably wouldn’t phase the strong and stoic young woman or loyal fans. .

FP Jones

FP is the third parent of the main character on this list to leave the show, and fans were initially upset to see him go. But once Jughead got a new script, the special power to hear other people’s thoughts, and found a new girlfriend, a job, and a reinvigorated passion for writing, he became an adult in their eyes. So his father didn’t seem as important.

While FP was a fan-favorite character, his death might actually be a catalyst for some interesting storylines, especially with Jughead. So fans might welcome rather than fear FP Jones’ death as a way to move the story forward.

Penelope Flower

Penelope Blossom has been a thorn in Cheryl’s side all her life. A cruel and angry woman, she made a trade of poisoning men and was responsible for the murder of her own husband. She runs a brothel and seems to be under Cheryl’s thumb but sometimes emerges to wreak havoc.

Fans are fed up with her storylines and would rather see Cheryl go it alone, without her mother’s crutch. Penelope seems to pop up here and there without adding much to the stories, so her character’s death wouldn’t bother fans.

Veronique Lodge

Veronica Lodge is a fan-favorite character and she often gets a lot of screen time in every episode. But making her disappear could open the door to other characters. Without the conflict with her father, no relationship with Archie, and a struggling business, Veronica seems lost. Additionally, her Black Widow powers make her seem like an unlovable person. His dialogue is also often one of the craziest parts of Riverdaleaccording to Reddit.

Fans wouldn’t necessarily be mad if Veronica died, especially since it could mean she would return as some sort of evil being to terrorize those who harmed her. It could be an interesting story for the character who sees her die but doesn’t leave the show entirely.

Ethel Muggs

Ethel never officially died in the series, although she began to appear only sparingly in scenes. Friends clearly don’t keep in touch with her, so her whereabouts and what she’s been up to since the time jump are unknown.

If the news of Ethel’s death got through, the group would probably cry for a short while and move on. That is unless there were suspicious circumstances of the death that made him worthy of investigation. Beyond that, even though Ethel played a major role in the storyline of Gryphons & Gargoyles, she was just a passing acquaintance from high school and everyone has since grown and evolved.

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