10 Funniest Mob Psycho 100 Characters, Ranked

From Reigen Arataka to Musashi Gouda, Mob Psycho 100 is filled to the brim with hilarious characters that make everyone divide their sides. Although the anime is also full of intriguing storylines that incorporate enticing drama as well as dazzling action, its main appeal has always been its entertaining and fun characters.

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All of these characters are unique and have the ability to charm viewers in their own way. However, some characters end up making the audience laugh more than others.

10/10 Sho Suzuki found his father’s plan embarrassing

How can a boy who considers his father’s plan for world domination “embarrassing” not be funny? Sho Suzuki is the only son of Toichiro Suzuki, the leader of the evil esper organization known as Claw. His typical overconfident temper isn’t very funny, but his relationship with his dad definitely is.

Sho instantly became one of the funniest Mob Psycho 100 characters when he considered his father’s efforts towards world domination not dangerously threatening but clumsy and embarrassing. The boy deduced the very dangerous situation similar to that of his father showing his baby photos to all his friends.

9/10 The red raincoat made everyone laugh with its quirky personality

Although Red Raincoat was undoubtedly a very controversial addition to the fun characters of Mob Psycho 100, fans can’t deny that it was wildly entertaining and hilarious. Whether we’re talking about his weird escapes or his hilarious fights with Shinra, he’s managed to introduce some weirdly funny gags into the show.

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The character only stayed for one episode and was barely featured for a limited time. However, he almost certainly left a lasting impression on fans’ hearts with his quirky personality.

8/10 Teruki Hanazawa’s ever-changing hair is a great running gag

Teruki Hanazawa is Mob’s Naruto Sasuke: he is both Mob’s friend and greatest rival. At first, Teruki was very confident about his powers and frequently used them for his own gain, never having to encounter an esper more powerful than himself.

However, this was all before Teruki’s furious encounter with Mob. Although there are many hilarious things about Teruki that keep the Mob Psycho 100 fans entertained, the best attribute yet remains her hair – or rather her wig that flutters so beautifully in the wind.

7/10 Musashi Gouda’s dizzying personality is hilarious

Body Improvement Club President Musashi Gouda is considered one of the funniest Mob Psycho 100 characters for all the right reasons. Although the whole Body Improvement Club is wildly hilarious with all the Heave-Hos, Musashi stands out the most due to his giddy personality.

Musashi looks incredibly built and creepy on the outside, but he’s caring and kind on the inside, and this contrast in his disposition has translated into several funny storylines in the series. But all things aside, his motivational speeches are the real masterpieces.

6/10 Tome Kurata is worth a bunch of laughs

Tome Kurata caught everyone’s attention Mob Psycho 100 fans as soon as she was first introduced as the president of the Telepathy Club. She’s fun, she’s distinctive, and you never get bored every time she appears on screen.

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There are a lot of unusual things about Tome that are worth a lot of laughs, including his over-the-top stance, odd interests, and particularly bizarre leadership skills. Apart from all that, she also drags Mob into ridiculous situations that lead to some incredibly laughable surprises, which adds another feather to her cap.

5/10 Tenga Onigawara is the poster offender of Mob Psycho 100

It’s a known fact that delinquents in the anime world are generally funnier than most characters. The delinquent poster of Mob Psycho 100, Tenga Onigawara, is no different. However, he can be considered funnier than most delinquents for several reasons.

Of course, Tenga checks the list for the usual delinquent issues, including mindlessly fighting and maintaining a weirdly creepy face. But he also has other hilarious quirks, like his weird handwriting, cute spelling mistakes, and tendency to mispronounce simple words.

4/10 Katsuya Serizawa is a mature adult with a childish personality

Katsuya Serizawa’s oh-so-relatable introvert issues make him one of the most lovable and funniest characters ever. Mob Psycho 100. He’s a grown-up but remarkably innocent and childish, which often lands him in hilarious situations.

Katsuya is one of those characters who can get scammed effortlessly in a show that features heavy scams in almost every episode. To add more happiness, he also started working for Reigen Arataka after the world domination arc, which featured many funny gags that have yet to be added to the anime.

3/10 Dimple has a LOL personality

Dimple first appeared on Mob Psycho 100 as the leader of the “LOL” organization, which certainly suited him considering his fun personality. After losing to Mob in the Cult Arc, he decided to follow him to find an opening to possess his body. The stunts he performed to achieve this goal were nothing short of hilarious.

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Although he’s allied with Mob and Reigen since spending a lot of time with them, his LOL personality has remained constant. From his usual banter with Reigen to his cunning efforts focused on world domination, he gave viewers plenty of opportunities to laugh out loud.

2/10 Shigeo Kageyama is always brutally honest

From Mob’s unenthusiastic expressions to his indifferent voice, there’s a lot about him that’s wonderfully hilarious. However, the one element that dominates the charts in the heart of Mob Psycho 100 fans is his brutal but innocent honesty.

Mob doesn’t have a filter – it just says it as it is, which creates some weirdly laughable situations. The fact that he constantly puts Reigen in his place, tries to frame his thunderous fight with Teruki as self-defense, and mocks Dimple with such refreshing candor in almost every episode, are all great examples of him being non-standard. and hilarious.

1/10 Reigen Arataka is a scam god

Reigen Arataka is nothing short of a scam and comedy god – at least for Mob Psycho 100 Fans. From his bizarre special moves to his unique ability to roast bad guys by lecturing them about their life choices, everything about him is worth laughing out loud.

Reigen has cheated on many people to get what he wants in the history of the show, which is the funniest thing about him. He fooled many clients with unusual methods, he fooled an entire evil organization into thinking he was their boss, and on top of everything he misled super-powered espers into thinking he was more powerful than them.

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