10 Best Deredere Characters In Shonen Anime, Ranked

In the world of Japanese anime, it can be a lot of fun to sort characters by archetypes or even tropes, like the handful of -dere types. These -dere types describe a character based on how they feel and express their love and affection for others, whether romantic or friendly, tsundere and kuudere being two popular examples. Then there is the shimmering sunbeam which is of the deredere type.

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A deredere anime character is someone who overflows with innocent, joyful love for everyone around them, and these characters may or may not have special feelings for a certain person as well. Derederes never resorts to extremes, like stalking or playing hard to get, either. In the world of shonen anime, meanwhile, a handful of lovable deredere characters have risen to the top, and they’re all fan favorites.

10/10 Chiyo Mihama wants to befriend everyone

Azumanga Daioh

Chiyo Mihama is an awesome kid, entering as a 10-year-old girl who skipped enough grades to become a high school freshman in a class full of wacky, dopey students. Chiyo is mentally mature for her age, but she never dominates all of this over her classmates. She prefers to befriend them.

Chiyo is too young for real romance, but she loves all her friends in a platonic way. Every day, this cheerful and helpful girl takes care of her classmates and supports them like a sister, and she also invites her friends to the Mihama family’s vacation home out of the goodness of her heart.

9/10 Yotsuba Nakano accepted Futaro almost straight away

The Quintessential Quintuplets

The five Nakano sisters are identical, which means they have the same face and the same beautiful eyes, but they do not have the same personality. Ichika acts like a big sister while Nino is a real tsundere, and Miku is a shy dandere. Itsuki is quite balanced, which leaves Yotsuba as deredere.

Yotsuba is an energetic, goofy, fun-loving girl who loves everyone and everything around her by default. She can be a trickster at times, but Yotsuba wouldn’t hurt or manipulate anyone, and she was also the first quintuplet to accept Futaro Uesugi as the sisters’ new guardian. It’s the way to do it.

8/10 Iruma Suzuki can get along with anyone

Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun!

The blue-haired isekai protagonist, Iruma Suzuki, is a generous and open-minded boy who will graciously accept everyone for who and what he is without a doubt. Good thing too, since he is now the first and only human student at Babyls, having monstrous teenage demons as classmates.

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Iruma’s pleasant, Deredere personality has slowly but surely endeared him to almost everyone around him, and he also has an adoptive Deredere grandfather, Lord Sullivan, to match. Meanwhile, Iruma also has a megadere friend, Valac Clara, who adds even more color and energy to his wacky new life in the Netherworld.

7/10 Lucy Heartfilia believes in friendship

Fairy tale

Blonde celestial witch Lucy Heartfilia can be a bit full of herself at times, but she’s not a real himedere or budding princess. Lucy is best described as a deredere, given her deeply empathetic personality and willingness to befriend and support anyone given the chance.

Lucy is a firm believer in the power of friendship and building families, making her an ideal candidate for the Fairy Tail guild. She likes everyone there, and it’s strongly hinted that her relationship with Natsu Dragneel could be something even more serious as well.

6/10 Soma Yukihira cooking for love

Food wars!

Soma Yukihira is a generous and good-natured teenage chef who learned from his parents that love is the secret ingredient, as corny as that sounds. Soma shared this lesson with all of his Totsuki friends, especially the Himedere Erina Nakiri, who learned this lesson well.

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Soma simply lacks the extremes that define other -dere types, but he embodies the deredere habit of loving everyone around them equally and without discrimination. Soma is not tied to any particular person; he prefers to share his innocent and strong love with everyone around him.

5/10 Alphonse Elric has a big heart

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alchemist Alphonse Elric may have a hollow metal body, but his soul has a big warm heart that has lots of love to give to all. Like most deredere characters in shonen and beyond, Al lacks the extreme defining traits of other -dere types, unlike his brash tsundere brother Edward.

Alphonse is a naturally gracious, compassionate, and selfless boy who will help anyone or stray cat who needs him, and he’s not one to be jealous of a lover either. For example, Al had no objection to his brother marrying their childhood friend, Winry Rockbell.

4/10 Orihime Inoue is an innocent lover


Ichigo Kurosaki is a total tsundere, just like Uryu Ishida and Rukia Kuchiki, by the way. However, Orihime Inoue is a whole different type of lover. She’s a carefree, innocent, easy-going person who loves everyone around her, from her best friend Tatsuki to Chad to Uryu and many more.

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Orihime also has special feelings for Ichigo, but she’s so innocent and relaxed that she didn’t even try to express those romantic feelings until much later. Orihime tends to scatter quite thinly, taking care of everyone around her, so true love will have to wait. Still, it will be worth it in the end.

3/10 Nezuko Kamado is happy to see everyone

demon slayer

It’s not always easy to tell what Nezuko Kamado is thinking since she has almost no dialogue, but even so, her wonderful deredere personality is easy to see. Nezuko, like her older brother Tanjiro, is a generous lover and a helpful person who always ensures the happiness of others.

These are the marks of a true deredere, and Nezuko expresses this from time to time in demon slayer if she’s not sleeping or fighting someone. She may be a demon, but Nezuko’s Deredere heart is still 100% human, and she still prefers love to demonic hunger and hate.

2/10 Ochaco Uraraka is the healthiest hero

my hero academia

Student hero Ochaco Uraraka is almost Izuku in miniature, a hardworking outsider who knows that courage and unwavering optimism is the only true path to success. And like Izuku, Ochaco is a naturally happy, compassionate, and selfless person who has a lot of love to share with the world.

Ochaco is also innocent and unassuming and has many beloved friends, which helps to further solidify her status as a deredere. Ochaco gets a little jealous when other girls like Mei Hatsume get close to Izuku, but that’s a normal reaction. She’s no yandere, that’s for sure.

1/10 Naruto Uzumaki fights for peace and love


In some ways, shonen superstar Naruto Uzumaki can also be described as a bakadere, a dumb but well-meaning anime lover whose madness is generally endearing. In broader terms, Naruto can also be described as a deredere, lacking the pungent attitude of a tsundere or the aloofness of a kuudere.

Naruto is an honest, generous person, true to his feelings and he doesn’t like to complicate things. If someone expresses affection for him, Naruto will say something like “Thank you! I love you too!” like a classic deredere. Simple, honest love is what derederes are.

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