10 Anime Characters Who Would Join Cobra Kai’s Miyagi-Do School

Miyagi-Do was a form of karate taught by Daniel LaRusso in the Cobra Kai series. He advocated values ​​such as diplomacy, balance and personal growth for each of his students. With a heavy emphasis on defense and a humble coaching style, his methods are certainly not for everyone.

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However, there are a number of anime characters who would find Miyagi’s teachings amazing and agree to serve the dojo however they can. It is through these characters that Miyagi’s legacy can live on long after his death.

10/10 Hanayama was much nicer than his Yakuza origins suggest.


First, BakiHanayama might not seem like a good fit for Miyagi-Do. He is the alcoholic leader of the Yakuza who often took part in street fights. However, Hanayama is known as a chivalrous and gentle giant who helped defeat escaped convicts.

This shows the exact type of moral responsibility that Miyagi or LaRusso would look for in a would-be budding sensei. It also has incredible durability, which lends itself well to a defense-focused fighting style.

9/10 Miyagi-Do welcomes Ojiro’s heroic qualities

my hero academia

Ojiro was one of the few characters in my hero academia which relied exclusively on karate. He became so committed to his craft that he used a gi for his hero uniform. Considering that Ojiro already has a background in karate and aspires to become a hero, Miyagi-Do would help him continue his training.

If Chozen led Class 1-A in an egg-related exercise, it would also teach them the value of teamwork and how to defeat opponents much stronger than them. Ojiro might even be able to add his own twist to Miyagi’s techniques by using his tail for extra support.

8/10 Naruto’s Sage Jutsu Works Perfectly With Miyagi-Do


Despite his impatient nature, the titular protagonist of naruto learned restraint from the wise toads of Mount Myoboku. By standing completely still and controlling his breathing, he harnessed the absolute power of the sage chakra against pain.

Considering that Miyagi-Do values ​​concepts such as patience and balance, this would be the best dojo to enhance Naruto’s already formidable training. In return, he could teach them more about using ninja tools, such as his famous kunai or shuriken.

7/10 Fujitora understands the merits of restraint

A play

Of all the admirals of A play, Fujitora is best prepared to join Miyagi-Do. He has already exemplified a tremendous sense of patience and justice by failing to stop Luffy in Dressrosa. When the innocents crowded to the edge of the dock to wish him luck in his departure, Fujitora admirably retreated.

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Considering that Miyagi-Do sometimes blindfolds his students to enhance their sense of awareness, Fujitora could greatly benefit from joining them. Although it primarily works with a blade, it would be an excellent countermeasure against conniving and hard-to-detect opponents in a fight.

6/10 Tanjiro has already discovered the power of breathing

demon slayer

Although Tanjiro is still relatively young in the grand scheme of demon slayer, he masters the values ​​of Miyagi-Do well. By straining his breathing, he improved his strength and endurance to a point that shouldn’t be possible.

Tanjiro also shows compassion towards the opponents he defeats even though he has to do whatever is necessary against them. Nonetheless, he avoids unnecessary fights, as seen when he repeatedly turned a blind eye to Inosuke’s taunts. LaRusso would appreciate that, probably asking him to teach as a sensei.

5/10 Miyagi-Do plays into Alphonse’s benevolent nature

Fullmetal Alchemist

Although it is a metal construction, Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Alphonse is good at heart. He tries to show mercy and compassion to even the most irredeemable adversaries, such as Pride and Kimblee. Alphonse may be a trained alchemist, but he still has a lot to learn in martial arts.

If LaRusso offered him instructions, he could make the most of his metallic body and learn how to better defend his brother and his friends against evil. Additionally, incorporating alchemy into his fighting style would make it easier to catch opponents off guard.

4/10 Armin was like Daniel LaRusso in many ways

The attack of the Titans

The attack of the TitansArmin Arlert is the spitting image of Daniel. Although kind and intelligent by nature, he can be driven to violence at times, as seen when he punched Eren for insulting Mikasa. Nevertheless, Armin always seeks diplomatic solutions even with those who have wronged him badly.

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Given their many similarities, Daniel would eagerly invite Armin to join him at Miyagi-Do. Since Armin’s hand-to-hand skills require work and now that all shifters have lost their powers, Armin should jump at the chance to learn from the best teacher in the All Valley.

3/10 Shinra needs more practice with self-control

fire force

Although fire forceShinra Kusakabe’s most promising young recruit has a dark side that needs to be controlled. When tested, he nearly went after Arthur despite the rapport they had built together.

In the end, Shinra isn’t a bad person and actively tries to help, he just has a few demons he has to deal with. If he asked Miyagi-Do for help, they could temper his worst impulses and turn his ignition ability into a significant force for truth and justice.

2/10 Baron Zeppeli could teach Miyagi-Do Hamon

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Like Naruto, Baron Zeppeli’s Hamon shares many similar qualities with what Miyagi-Do practices. It places balance and controlled breathing as a top priority, even arming it into a new life. Zeppeli himself has also shown a keen interest in teaching the next generation, as evidenced by his stint with Jonathan Joestar.

Given that he also sacrificed his life so that Jonathan could defeat Dio, he is the most complete and skilled. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventurecharacter to work alongside Daniel LaRusso. As a highly skilled veteran, he would likely be offered a job as a sensei immediately.

1/10 As an avatar, balance is Aang’s raison d’etre.


Aang is the main protagonist of Avatar and a young boy perfectly suited to join Miyagi-Do. His intuitive sense of justice and restraint make him an excellent candidate, especially since he is more likely to laugh at insults than jump into battle.

Like LaRusso, Aang also considers the most peaceful way to end the fighting. For example, he took Ozai’s energy out of his body instead of just killing him. His mindfulness and reverence for life would make him perfect for the dojo although his martial arts skills could still be improved.

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